3rd Trimester Checklist

Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester

Your 3rd Trimester Survival Guide

Here you are, the final three months of pregnancy…your 3rd trimester is here! There’s still plenty to do, but lucky for you we’ve got your back! This guide has all the major milestones and to-dos all the way up until the big day. Let’s get it done!

Step 1: Start Babyproofing

Even though baby’s a few months away, you’re going to want to start this process early. Be sure to cover all of your basics – carbon monoxide moniters, fire extinguishers, electrical outlet covers and cabinet locks. Then you can get a little more specific, like covering sharp edged furniture with padding and backing up heavy items like televisions against walls. A safe house is super important so you might as well get the jump on it during your 3rd trimester!

Step 2: Start a Childbirth Class

Birthing classes may seem a little strange to the outsider, but they’re an amazing resource for mommies. They make delivery seem less like a scary unknown in the future and more like like a real, manageable event. Mommies who enroll in a childbirth class will learn how to communicate with hospital staff, the best breathing and stretching techniques and more. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other moms!

Step 3: Hire a Doula

This isn’t a necessity, but a doula can be a very big help to moms who are looking for a little extra support. Although your partner can be a big help and means the very best, doulas KNOW pregnancy and childbirth inside and out. They can be super helpful and provide all the support a mommy needs! Take a look at the DONA International website (the world’s premier doula organization) for more information.

Step 4: Finalize your Birth Plan

You’ve imagined it a thousand times by now, so it’s time to add some truth to your vision by telling your care provider your birth plan. Hospital, birthing center or right at home? Vaginal or cesarean? Epidural or all natural? Each choice you make will have a huge impact on your experience – but none of them are “wrong” or “bad” ones! Every mommy and every baby is different, so discuss with your partner, midwife, care provider, and whomever else you need to so you can make the best decision.

Step 5: Tour Your Birthing Location

This is a great way to relieve some uncertainty during your 3rd trimester. Getting a feel for the actual place where the big event will take place removes a lot of unknowns. It also makes your upcoming delivery seem a LOT more real!

Step 6: Indulge in the Nesting Instinct!

Birds do it. Rabbits do it. Cats and dogs do it. You get the picture – it’s nesting! It’s something that the mammal brain is just hard wired to do, so have a little fun with it! The nesting instinct is that nagging feeling you get that makes you want to scrub down the bathroom to a high gloss, sweep out and organize the garage, lovingly give the nursery its sixth coat of paint – all while doing laundry and cooking in bulk. Of course, it may not be as intense as we make it sound, but feel free to indulge in a little spring cleaning – no matter what season it is – as long as you’re safe and use nontoxic supplies.

Step 7: Pack Up Your Hospital Bag

This is a must for every mommy, crucial for childbirth, mandatory for maternity; it’s your hospital bag! It’s got everything you need to survive and thrive during labor and beyond – from a phone charger to extra undies. You can hang it by the door to feel prepared for anything well before your water breaks.  You never know when your little one will make their appearance, so getting your bag ready at the start of your 3rd trimester is a great way to be prepared for anything. Check inside our bag for tips on what to throw into yours!

Step 8: Drive to your Birthing Location

You don’t want to make your first trip to your chosen birthing location – be it a hospital, birthing center, or even at home – while you’re getting your first contractions. Trust us! Relieve some anxiety and unknowns by making a nice calm drive there from work and home during your 3rd trimester. Knowing the right route, what stoplights you’ll get caught in, which turns to make will make the real deal a lot less frantic.

Step 9: RELAX

By the time you’ve entered term pregnancy, that’s 39 weeks, you should be all done with preparations. This is the time to sit back, hang out with your partner, go on a walk – anything to take your mind off of your incoming due date. Keep your spirits high and take it easy, you don’t want to be running on empty when your water breaks. Play the waiting game, it may be hard but we promise that you’ll win!


Okay mom, this checklist should help you get through your 3rd trimester! We’ve shown you the big steps and some important details, now it’s all about the final push! We wish you the best of luck and a safe delivery – go show ‘em what mom is all about!  You got this!

Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester Checklist