5 Nursery Trends We Love for 2021

Image credit: Colleen Cabrey

You’re busy keeping your belly nice and nourished, then as your bump grows, it kicks in…the nursery! Whether your little one gets to have their own room or share a room with you for a while, customizing it so it’s cozy, functional, and a room you will all enjoy being in are all must-haves. Classic, cozy, vintage, or an on-trend theme, nurseries are now on par with general home decor which makes decorating both stylish and enjoyable! We’ve put together 5 nursery trends we love for 2021!

1. Antique Chic

Do you have keepsakes you’ve been holding onto from your childhood? Maybe some memorable hand-me-downs that have be handed down generation over generation? Vintage Chic is the perfect style for you! It partners nostalgia with comfort in the most functional way. Bring on the vintage decor, even the DIY distressed up-cycle you scored at the yard sale and your nursery will be the coziest place in your home.

Image credit: Colleen Cabrey

2. Earthy Tones

warm and inviting, muted, comfortable

The soothing, subdued hues make this trend multi-functional and, quite literally, down-to-Earth. Think of nature inspired decor like natural wood with hints of sunlight through gold accents. Blues from the oceans, lakes, and sky mix perfectly with the whites of the stars, moon, and pebbles. Hints of reds and oranges and green bring the leaves and forests into your space, and playing textures like wood grain and rug style help bring your nursery full circle. The best part about playing with Earth tones? Textures play a big role so your nursery becomes multi-functional as your little starts to explore their space.

Image credit: Holley & Company

3. Travel Inspired

Don’t blow travel off your nursery list just yet. Stick your little kid shoes on and imagine all the places you go: space, jungle, even the desert! The best part about being a kid is imagination is alive. From world map crib sheets, to wall decals, or even faux plants to a vibrant rug, the options are endless when putting a travel themed nursery together. Just start at the beginning with what kind of adventure you want to go on, and then look at all the color options and textures available. Like space travel can be everything from white for the moon and stars, to a solar system mobile, and endless adventure quotes.

Image credit: Natasha Holland

4. Statement Pieces  

Ok, we all have the one item we’ve said, “I would love to show that off.” Guess what, sometimes it’s a chandelier that perfectly fits in your nursery, sometimes it’s a vintage, antique, or even one-of-a-kind crib that you build the rest of look around. The best part about making a statement in a nursery? Everything functions around it. You usually end up with a very clean look that is organized by purpose and anything else you bring into the room, in true Marie Kondo style, sparks joy or it doesn’t aka it doesn’t come in. This is the perfect style for anyone looking for organization without the clutter.

Image credit: J.E.T

5. Touch of Boho

Neutrals win this style (and we kind of love it). Boho style brings the calmness into a space where, let’s be honest, there’s bound to be some chaos happening at some point which is why we brought it in as a top 5 2021 nursery trend. Creating a boho space for you and your little one involves exploring textures in the little pieces that feel woven and raw, and placing solid foundations in your bigger pieces like a dresser/changing table and crib. Bring in the fringe and flowing with some curtains and plants and don’t be afraid to layer with macrame and woven wall art.

Image credit: Maeve Casey