Best and Worst Things About Having a Newborn

Even before your little one arrives, sleepless nights, emotional chaos, as well as aches and pains are alive and well. After having a newborn there are surprises that await your mind, body, and sense of well-being. If you are unprepared when it comes to what to expect, here are the best and worst things about having a newborn.

When you go into labor and birth your first child, your body may go into shock. It’s a very surreal moment to experience giving birth to another life. You may not feel like yourself, especially if you have an epidural. But if the effects do not wear off over time, you may be dealing with something else. When they put your baby on your chest you may not feel that excitement other mothers have spoken about. Instead, you could feel fear accompanied by a large amount of uncertainty. You may find out you’re suffering from postpartum depression. It’s one of the worst things about having a newborn but it’s completely manageable.

Considering about half of the mothers who deliver a newborn face these blues, it is pertinent to understand what this means for your body and mind. You will feel out of place in your own body, and you will feel far beyond exhausted. Remember you have just carried another human being in your body for nine months.

Your body will take some time to heal; it could take six to eight weeks to feel better in your lower region. Your uterus is swollen for a few weeks, and your whole body may feel tender for a couple of weeks as well. When you get home from the hospital you will more than likely want to sleep for awhile. Your body just did the most amazing thing it could, and naturally you will physically feel like you just brought a new life into this world. Your newborn may seem scary at first, but just know they are not breakable. You can put them down while they are sleeping or even leave them unattended long enough to go to the bathroom. There is no need to stress your mind and body out any further. Just remember they are far stronger and more resilient than they look.

It will take you some time to even consider letting them out of your sight; all those free nights you enjoyed when you were not pregnant will more than likely become a thing of the past. Although, your new lifestyle can be just as fulfilling and entertaining as it was when you were carefree. You will definitely see life a little different, and you will feel a lot more protective. This is your maternal instinct. This is very normal considering you are the one who will protect them from germs, people, and anything else that can hurt them in life. As time goes on you will feel a little less controlling, but as a mother this feeling has not completely subsided.

The best thing about having newborns is to watch them sleep when they were tiny. They smile, giggle, and even grimace from time to time. You might even wonder what they are dreaming about. If they cry in the middle of the night you might find yourself running to their crib; most of the time to find they were not even awake. It will take some time, but you will figure out your baby’s routine. Once they get adjusted to their life outside your womb, it will be amazing to see just how quickly they grow.

Make sure you enjoy changing every diaper, every midnight feeding, and every sweet coo or smile. Believe it or not, a decade will fly by before you know it. In the blink of an eye you’ll be dealing with toddlers but still recall those nights of bouncing a sweet screaming baby and attempting to sing through tears. If you ever feel like being a mother is too hard, then call someone such as a sister, mom, or any other woman who has endured the same situation. It is very important to have a support system to deal with the best and worst things about having a newborn, the ups and downs that accompany bringing a new life into this world. Most importantly, trust yourself. After all, you carried your baby for nine months and know him better than any other person on this planet.