Best baby bottles of 2022

If you thought finding maternity jeans was a daunting task, wait until you start looking for bottles. There are just shy of 40 million (I think, not 100% sure) on the market, which makes the process of comparing and deciding which ones to add to your registry a total nightmare.

The good news is that, while it does typically take a little trial and error to find out what your baby will like, we’ve put together the top eight best baby bottles of 2022 to help you narrow down the options.

Comotomo Baby Bottle $12.99 

The Comotomo Baby Bottle is perfect for Moms who are trying to transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. BPA-free as well as scratch-resistant, it’s a safe and durable choice. Plus, it mimics the same feel and motion of breastfeeding, which is a win for sure. 


Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottle $4.99

The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottle offers an extra-slow-flowing nipple, which makes it great for newborn babies. It’s also BPA-free and features an anti-colic nipple valve, making feeding times safer and more comfortable for baby.


Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Original Newborn Bottle Gift Set $26.99 

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Set is ideal for Moms and babies alike, as the system is designed to grow with your baby. The set includes a variety of different-sized bottles and nipples for different levels of babyhood.

Dr. Browns2

Philips Avent Natural Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set $47.99 

The Philips Avent Natural Bottle Newborn Set is an ideal starter set for any new Mom. The set is BPA-free and offers multiple bottle sizes as well as multiple nipple sizes, so it can grow along with your baby. But what really sets this set apart is the Air Flex vent technology. 

Philips Avent

Nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle $10.99 

The Nanobebe Breastmilk Bottle is an all-in-one feeding bottle that comes with a breast pump adapter, which makes it possible to conveniently pump right into the bottle. Bonus? The slow-flow, 360-degree vented system helps to prevent colic and gas. 

Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic BPA-Free 4 oz Bottle $8.99 

The Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle is one of the most doctor-recommended bottles for healthy feeding and sleeping. It’s a BPA-free bottle that offers ultra flexible silicone for a slow-flowing nipple. 


NUK Simply Natural Bottle $6.39. 

The NUK Simply Natural Bottle offers multiple nipple holes ,which provide a more natural feeding feeling for your baby. The advanced anti-colic air system not only helps to reduce colic, it also prevents gas and spit up.


Playtex Baby VentAire $21.59 

The Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle’s angled design is the perfect option for little ones who suffer from colic or tummy discomfort. It offers a unique anti-colic bottom vent, and it’s also said to help prevent ear infections. We don’t know how it does that, but that makes it a winner in our books.

Again, there are SO many options out there, and what works for one baby doesn’t always work for another. But as you go through the process of discovering what your baby likes, we hope this list makes things less overwhelming to start. Good luck!