Best Baby Shower Gifts from the Bump Boxes Team!

Baby Shower Gifts for First Time Moms

Are you invited to a baby shower and have absolutely no idea where to start for baby shower gifts?  I’ve polled the Bump Boxes team for their favs.  Some of these you can create yourself, but I seriously have no artistic ability so I usually have to buy things!

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Diaper Cakes – these are AWESOME!  I remember a co-worker made one from scratch for a work baby shower and it was amazing.  You basically roll diapers and stack them into the form of a cake, and then place ribbon along the outside of each tier of the cake to hold it all together.  It really looks great, and it’s also functional because you will go through all of the diapers in the cake…probably within the first week!

Sophie the Giraffe – this is #1 on the baby shower gifts list!  Babies gravitate to it, and it seems to have something to do with the natural rubber…the smell and texture is different from their other toys which might be the case.  We love the natural rubber and food dye used in this teether….perfectly safe for baby 24/7.

LOTS of breastfeeding stuff – I know it can be awkward getting some of these things from friends and family, especially if you’re a first time Mom, but by the time your little one is 3 months old you’ll be so tired you’ll start wiping your boob out to breastfeed in public without a second thought!  Nursing pads like Bamboobies or Milkies, Earth Mama Angel Baby Milkmaid Tea or Bump Boosters lactation cookies are great (the more you can pump, the easier your life is….trust me!).

Bottles, more specifically Dr. Brown’s bottles – my daughter suffered from terrible gas pains when she was first born.  The unique design of the Dr. Brown’s bottles almost completely alleviated her stomach pain.  It was such a change that I almost couldn’t believe it.  You definitely can’t go wrong with bottles

Baby Gear – anything from strollers to car seats, this stuff adds up really quickly!  Any time you go above and beyond for baby shower gifts and get one of these big ticket items the parents will never forget it!

A subscription to Bump Boxes – I mean really, did you think you’d get through this post without me mentioning our subscription?!  It’s something that expecting parents and little ones look forward to, and super cute essentials are included in the subscription without you having to hunt down all the products yourself.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose for a baby shower gift…the parents are just going to be happy that you’re there celebrating this crazy fun road of parenthood with them!