Best Products for Pregnancy You Can Have Shipped to Your Doorstep

No doubt pregnancy is hard and you need to prepare accordingly, but that doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a billion products all at once. Buying everything you think you’ll need for pregnancy immediately after finding out you’re expecting isn’t a super great idea. Here’s why…

For starters, you usually end up with things you don’t need. But most importantly, pregnancy is highly personal, so what one expectant mama needs to cope with her symptoms may be entirely different from what another mom requires.

Take morning sickness, as an example — some moms have an upset stomach all day every day up until they give birth, yet others go nausea-free all pregnancy. If you don’t experience nausea and vomiting, you don’t need a bunch of morning sickness products! You’re better to just listen to your body and take it as you go.

Instead of overwhelming you with a bunch of “must-haves” for pregnancy, we put together this post with our personal suggestions and recommended products to tackle the most common pregnancy pains; and we’ve organized it by pain point so you can find exactly what you need for what you’re currently experiencing.

Pro Shopping Tip: We suggest bookmarking this post so you can conveniently reference our list of pregnancy-safe products as you progress trimester-to-trimester and face new challenges along the way.

Plus, all of these products can be bought right on our website or on Amazon. We understand that going out in public and shopping during the current pandemic can cause anxiety, especially since expecting moms want to limit their exposure to germs and viruses, so we made sure these products can all be delivered to your doorstep.

Our post walks you through:

How Bump Boxes Makes Shopping for Pregnancy Simple (And Convenient)

Bump Boxes Subscription Box

Before we get to our product list (skip to it), let’s first introduce ourselves and explain why we care so much about the right products for mamas to be.

We started Bump Boxes when our founder, Christine, got pregnant and realized it was way too hard to find safe and effective products to address her pregnancy pains (without spending hours researching). So, since then, our goal has been to help pregnancy go smoother, and we do that best with our monthly Bump Box.

We love our Bump Boxes for first-time expecting mamas because it introduces them to pregnancy-safe brands and eliminates the need to seek out new products with every arising ache or discomfort — that means no more spending hours reading labels and looking up product ingredients!  

Whether you’re a first-time mom or on your second, third, or fourth pregnancy, our Bump Boxes can easily help you feel pampered, and our subscription boxes give you something to look forward to each month that’s just for you.

We customize and curate our subscription boxes around mom’s due date so mom receives exactly what she needs for her pregnancy when she needs it. And we pack each box with a variety of goods — without completely overloading mom — to cover all bases and ensure we’re giving mom several useful products to try. Plus, we ship every box directly to your doorstep for free.

Best Products for Pregnancy Aches and Pains

In our experience talking to, quite literally, thousands of soon-to-be-mamas, we’ve found most face four main pains:

  1. Nausea and vomiting
  2. Unwanted stretch marks
  3. Back pain
  4. All-over body aches 

And we can attest to these, as we have dealt with some of these similar discomforts in our own pregnancies, and we’ve shipped over 500,000 Bump Boxes to mamas in the same boat.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of helpful products to aid in the pregnancy journey. And we’re not the only ones who think so; other moms rave about these products in the reviews, too!  

Pro Shopping Tip: Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying each of these products will definitely work for every single mama. We suggest testing different solutions when experiencing discomfort to find what’s best for your specific needs.  

Morning Sickness & Nausea

Healthy Mama - Nip the Nausea! Morning Sickness Drops (Ginger Lemon)

A lot of moms deal with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, whether it’s caused by morning sickness or is a side effect of taking prenatal vitamins. As a result, many women need pregnancy-safe anti-nausea products that are safe and healthy enough to use on a regular basis.

Our favorite morning sickness remedies are:

  • Nausea Drops by Sweetie Pie Organics: Many moms turn to ginger tea, ginger oil, ginger candy, and ginger ale when they get nauseous, but we suggest these all-natural peach and ginger chews instead because they’re OB/GYN recommended, easy to throw in your bag to take on-the-go, and healthier than the sugary alternatives available.
  • Preggie Pop Drops by Three Lollies: Three Lollies’ Preggie Pop Drops may be our favorite anti-nausea remedy we carry. Why? They taste so good. So good, in fact, we regularly eat them around the office as if they’re Tic-Tacs. They’re perfectly sweet but sour to fulfill your craving for candy, but not overly sugary, and filled with essential oils for extra refreshment.      
  • Fizzelixir by Sparkling Mama: We’re not entirely sure of the science behind it, but most of us can agree that fizzy drinks help our upset bellies. Sparkling Mama’s Fizzelixir combines the effectiveness of carbonation with helpful vitamins and minerals like B6 and magnesium to totally knock out nausea. And a lot of moms can’t resist how delicious these drink mixes taste, too — Cat, from our Bump Boxes team, swears Fizzelixir is her lifesaver when she has morning sickness.    
  • Isabella’s Clearly WŪZY Balm: Some pregnant women are more sensitive to scents than others, so aromatherapy is another avenue expectant moms may explore to curb morning sickness — especially when nausea makes it hard to snack or keep food down. Isabella’s Clearly WŪZY Balm contains calming lavender, gingers, and peppermint oils, and can easily be applied on the chest, nose, abdomen, back of the neck, and more to cure queasiness.

Pro Shopping Tip: You can try a variety of morning sickness products when you order our First Trimester box. We pack the First Trimester Bump Box with three of our most popular anti-nausea products, as well as a few fun gifts to celebrate this exciting time for mom-to-be and her baby.    

Stretch Marks

Glow Organics Belly Butter Pure + Organic

Stretch marks are just par for the course when your belly expands as much as it does during pregnancy. Keeping your skin well-moisturized can help to prevent stretch marks from forming, but products tailored specifically for stretch marks are more useful in reversing their appearance during and after pregnancy. Bringing us to one of the most commonly asked questions amongst those tackling stretch marks for the first time — what’s the most effective: body butter, serum, or oil?

Pro Shopping Tip: Don’t limit yourself to just one type of stretch mark cream, we suggest a combination of the three since it’s a blend of these moisturizing ingredients that really does the trick in smoothing stretch marks and treating itchy, dry skin.

When comparing stretch mark solutions, we suggest trying:

  • Pure+Organic Belly Butter by Glow Organics: Glow Organics is our very own pregnancy-safe skincare. We vet the safest, natural ingredients for our products to guarantee nothing in our stretch mark cream poses any harm to mom and baby. Did we mention, it’s pretty great at getting rid of stretch marks and itchiness, too?
  • Oh, Baby! Anti-Stretch Body Oil by Mambino Organics: We love this stretch mark solution because it contains a blend of hydrating oils to soothe itchy or burning skin, and it’s formulated to restore the skin’s youthful bounce and keep it feeling smooth.  
  • Belly Oil (Relieve) by Glow Organics: This ultra-lightweight belly oil also serves as a perfect full-body moisturizer, and many moms continue to use this oil even after pregnancy to keep skin smooth. We can’t get enough of it because it’s easy to apply, and it’s sweet, refreshing scent is mild enough that it won’t exacerbate nausea or morning sickness if you’re sensitive to fragrances.
  • 1970 Skincare Love Lines Stretch Mark + Scar Balm: This balm has a radical blend of flower power and healing oils traditionally used to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Crafted with warm love and straight from Mother Earth, this stretch mark and scar balm is here to comfort your skin as it heals. Your love lines will fade, but you’ll always retain the empowerment and unique markings of your journey into motherhood.

Interested in finding more pregnancy safe skin care products? Check out our pregnancy skincare buying guide for a list of our favorite cleansers, lotions, face masks, foot soaks, and more.

Back Pains

Jill Joey Maternity Belt

Back pain usually begins in the second trimester, and pain usually comes to a head during the third trimester right before the baby is born and the stomach is at its fullest. Not to mention, sleeping with a pregnant belly is tough — a lot of moms develop back pains just from contorting themselves in weird positions to get comfortable. Most moms find relief from pain and stiffness by using supports like belly belts and maternity leggings to reinforce their growing baby bump.

Pro Shopping Tip: We’ve seen moms experience the most relief by using belly supports both day and night. Belly bands ease back pain while you’re up-and-active, while pregnancy pillows keep you in a healthier position to help you fight back pain while you sleep.  

  • Jill and Joey Maternity Belt: Maternity belts don’t need to look fashionable, so don’t focus so much on the style or look of these while shopping; instead, choose a band with reliable lower back support. With having earned 1,000+ glowing reviews, it’s safe to say Jill and Joey’s maternity belt is perfect for lower back pain. We also prefer this maternity belt over others because it contains breathable materials, that way, the fabric band doesn’t feel hot or cause uncomfortable sweating.  
  • Belly Bandit Upsie Belly: Jill and Joey’s Maternity Belt, though designed to fit most moms, is a one-size-fits-all band that slides over their belly; whereas Belly Bandit’s Upsie Belly Band unwraps for a more adjustable fit. Both of these belly belts provide awesome support. That said, Belly Bandit’s bands are an FDA Registered Medical Device in maternity support products, so you might want to opt for the more advanced Upsie Belly support band if you have severe back pains.    
  • Belly Bandit S.O.S. Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow: Body pillows work nicely to cushion a pregnant belly, but they can take up a lot of room in bed. We like Belly Bandit’s pregnancy pillow because it is easy for anybody to use and adjustable for all baby bumps. Consisting of a band and two wedge pillows, simply attach the front and back cushion of this support solution to the connecting fabric band by matching up the coinciding Velcro strips. These cushions will hold you in a healthy side sleeping position without unhooking all night. Then, in the morning, you can take the pillow apart and store it away in seconds.  

Body Aches

Glow Organics Bath Soak Relax + Natural

Apart from a growing belly and aching back, many moms swell during pregnancy; this is most common in the feet, ankles, and legs, but some moms experience puffy arms and face, too.

Apart from compression socks for sore feet, OTC pain relievers for inflammation, and bath soaks to relax tense muscles, the best thing you can do to cope with body aches is to pamper yourself. You don’t need a full spa day every day — we understand that’s not always practical — but you should take some time for yourself each day; schedule out a half hour to lay in the tub and decompress with a bath bomb, or give yourself 15 minutes to soak your tired feet.

Our list of favorite products to help mom feel better includes:    

  • Relax+Natural Bath Soaks by Glow Organics: Alleviate soreness after a long day with our luxuriously revitalizing bath soak, developed with a pain-relieving salt mixture to reduce inflammation and relieve aches from head to toe.  Plus, the blend of lavender and bergamot essential oils keeps you smelling oh-so-fresh and clean.  
  • Balance+Natural Foot Soak by Glow Organics: Kick your feet up and unwind with this calming, exfoliating foot soak. We make our organic foot soak with grapefruit and lavender essential oils to help you chill out, and Himalayan pink salt to make your feet extremely soft.
  • Wooden Massagers: Wooden massagers are easy-to-use and gentler than the other popular massage guns available today. The wooden massager on our website is affordable and loved by mamas because it reaches every pain point to offer gentle pressure and relief.
  • Peppermint Oil for Headaches: Stress and hormone changes give some mamas migraines, and many expecting moms-to-be don’t want to rely on Acetaminophen every time their head hurts. Aromatherapy, specifically with peppermint oil, has been reported to help some moms get rid of headaches naturally. (However, the results of these studies do show this is mostly a placebo effect.)

Pro Shopping Tip: Remember to remain mindful of scents when shopping for muscle soaks and essential oils, as some scents can trigger nausea or headaches amongst sensitive mamas.    

Pregnancy Products to Prepare for Delivery

Supplying yourself with the right products to ease pregnancy pains is just one half of preparing for pregnancy. Come the second trimester, it’s time to think about putting together your hospital bag and gathering everything you’ll need for the big day.

Labor Gowns

Frida Labor Gown

Labor gowns might seem like regular hospital gowns, but they provide a little bit more functionality for mom. Besides the fact that they’re a practical option for all moms, these gowns are typically sold in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit everybody’s wardrobe preferences. With that, they’re clearly the better option in comparison to the gowns hospitals provide.  

While we don’t sell a labor gown on our Bump Boxes site, there are still countless options to browse on Amazon. Obviously, personal preference will play a large role in what you select; but we suggest the Frida Nursing Gown above the rest because it is made with soft-to-the-touch jersey-knit fabric, making it significantly more comfortable than any hospital gown we’ve ever seen. The best part about it? It has pockets — bonus points for functionality!

Non-Skid Socks

You’ll also want a pair or two of non-skid socks to go with your labor gown when the big day arrives. Not only do you want to wear socks in the delivery room for hygienic reasons, but you’ll also need something with grippers on the bottom to keep your feet securely in place while in labor.  

When shopping non-skid socks, you’ll find a ton of variety, from ultra-plush, fuzzy socks to the smaller ankle socks, but we recommend our stylish and comfy Mom Socks because they are cute enough where mom doesn’t feel like she’s clad in sad-looking hospital gear, but they also serve their purpose well.  It’s also worth mentioning, standard hospital socks are generally thick and hot, but these socks are ultra-breathable to better regulate mom’s temperature.  

Hospital Bag

Of course, you’ll also need a bag to transport all of your essentials from home to the delivery room. Sure, you can always grab a duffel bag or oversized purse from the closet, but usually, moms want something special for their big day.

Savvy moms typically look for a hospital bag that can serve as a diaper bag post-birth so the Delivery Day bag isn’t a one-time-use kind of purchase. We have a handful of suitable bags on our site, but we really love our Jill and Julie Mommy & Baby Bag because it’s multi-purpose, durable, and easy to clean up when accidents happen. We even carry it in three different colors to give mom a little variety.

Pro Shopping Tip: You can also shop several other diaper bags on our Bump Boxes website, as we’ve steadily grown our collection of practical, stylish, and affordable diaper bags.

Pregnancy Products to Adjust to Life After Labor

After your little one arrives and you’re no longer faced with pregnancy challenges, you’ll need the right products to tackle motherhood, such as baby carriers and breastfeeding wraps to care for your baby on-the-go.

Convenient services, including meal kits or home cleaning services, never hurt, either, as they free up time so you can focus your attention on parenthood instead of household chores.

  • Wrap Baby Carrier by KeaBabies: We’re fans of the KeaBabies brand for their award-winning, super-practical baby gear. Even if you just purchase one item from KeaBabies, let it be this baby wrap carrier. Like most other wrap carriers, KeaBabies carrier keeps your baby close while allowing for hands-free functioning, but it also provides notably good back support, is machine washable, comes with a 1-year warranty, and fits all babies up to three-years-old.
  • Carseat Canopy by KeaBabies: Nursing in public can pose a mixed bag of potential problems, causing unneeded stress for moms — especially new moms still getting used to breastfeeding with their newborn. KeaBabies’ Carseat Canopy doubles as a car seat and nursing cover so mom can enjoy privacy when breastfeeding on-the-go.    
  • Frida Labor and Delivery + Postpartum Recovery Kit: Your body doesn’t just bounce back to normal as soon as you give birth, but Frida’s Postpartum Recovery Kit has everything moms need to get through some of the afterbirth challenges she’ll face and start to feel like new again.    
  • Meal Kits like HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Freshly: Prepping dinner is just another to-do for new parents, but meal kits save you time planning what to eat, grocery shopping, and prepping ingredients so you can enjoy home-cooked meals with a fraction of the effort. Considering how popular these meal services have come to be, you can now find programs to suit all dietary needs; however, it seems HelloFresh, Blue Apron, and Freshly are the most popular options.

Our Do’s & Don’ts to Shopping for Pregnancy


  • Consider your particular needs and sensitivities when comparing products and choosing the most suitable options for you.    
  • Try an assortment of products when browsing remedies for specific pain points instead of limiting yourself to one or two items.
  • Read product labels carefully to ensure you’re not accidentally exposing your baby to any potentially harmful chemicals.  


  • Buy everything for all stages of pregnancy right out of the gate.
  • Stress about buying for future pain points if you aren’t currently experiencing them.
  • Rely on generic recommendations or feel discouraged if something that works for one mama isn’t exactly right for you — finding relief for pregnancy pains involves a lot of trial and error.

Join Thousands of Other Mamas and Let Us Do the Work to Pamper You Every Month

Make pregnancy shopping even more convenient by letting us handle it for you. Our monthly Bump Boxes subscription option sets mom up with the right products month-to-month, and all we need is mom’s due date to get started! How simple is that?  

And remember, we’re more than just a resource for pregnancy products; at Bump Boxes, we offer moms support at each step, and we’re happy to offer insight into choosing safe pregnancy products for every pregnancy challenge. So don’t let confusion on where to shop or what to buy prevent you from finding the right pregnancy products — we have your back!  

When shopping for our Bump Boxes, you can choose between three different subscription options (6-month, 9-month, and 12-month), so you can get started in the best program for your current stage of pregnancy. We also offer Trimester Boxes and a la carte items to suit every shopper.