A Guide to Bonding with Your Baby

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but it can fly by, even when you’re anxious to hold that little one. And when every pregnancy is different, moms often want to make sure they take the time to appreciate and remember each one. It can be hard to wrap your brain around bonding with your unborn child, but the benefits and memories that come from it are priceless. Here’s how you figure out bonding with baby — before the birth.


Write It Down

Journaling your pregnancy is a great way to take some time and dedicate it toward appreciating your pregnancy and the little human you’re growing. Most pregnancy journals offer prompts for you to write about the way you feel, things you learned at your appointments and things baby does like kick or hiccup. 

Bump Photos

First and foremost, you’ll love seeing the progression of your pregnancy through weekly bump photos. When you look back, you’ll love remembering when you thought your bump was huge at 15 weeks, but had no idea what 38 weeks would look like.

Not only for fun memories, the bump photos will be a reminder to take some time and appreciate the growth of your little one. You’ll love marveling at each week’s growth and what exciting development is being made inside your belly.

Keep Sonograms on Hand

Whether you keep them framed on your desk, a prominent shelf, or on your fridge, be sure to keep baby’s sonograms nearby. They’ll be constant reminders that your bump is housing a real tiny human. This is a huge way to continue bonding with baby–seeing features form and watching to see any resemblances between you and your partner.

Talk to Baby

Spending time throughout the day checking in with baby is a wonderful way to bond with your sweet one. Alternate between whispering sweet things, reading stories and singing–especially once those little ears have developed. You’ll love knowing you’re creating a connection between your baby and your voice, and studies have been done to show that it may increases cognitive abilities.

Respond to Baby’s Kicks

Similarly to checking in with baby by talking, singing or reading, responding to little kicks is another great way to bond with your growing little one. Try nudging back, massaging your belly or having a quick chat in response. It will make your little one feel more real to have a “conversation” in this sweet way.

Mom, no matter how you choose to start bonding with baby, it’s such an important connection to form. Not only will you love having the time to appreciate the journey that is pregnancy, but you’ll be forming such a strong connection for when baby arrives. It will make that first touch even more incredible. Congratulations, Mama!