Am I having a Boy or a Girl?

Ah, the great question of pregnancy. No, not “why am I craving pickles?” or “will I ever sleep a full night again?”…we all know the answer to that one! The question on every mamas mind that we are going to address today is “am I having a boy or a girl?”! There are a lot of crazy ways that mamas of history have tried to answer that question, as well as a couple (slightly more accurate) ways that modern medicine has been able to crack the code. In any case, each of these options is guaranteed to be at least 50% accurate!

The Power of Science!


If you’re willing to wait around for it, your doctor will most likely solve the mystery of whether you will be having a boy or a girl at your prenatal ultrasound appointment. This is a standard appointment that is usually scheduled around 18-20 weeks into pregnancy. The success of this test depends entirely on your baby’s position, so there is a slight chance that a shy baby will spell a few more weeks of guessing. Luckily there are many more ultrasounds down the road, so you won’t have to wonder for long!


Amniocentesis is a semi-invasive procedure that is usually performed on mamas 35 years or older. It is designed to test for genetic problems and other abnormalities, but it can also easily test your baby’s sex. This test, performed at around 16 weeks, is not used purely to satisfy curiosities. Wait for your ultrasound or try a different test if your aren’t slated for amniocentesis!


Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing, or NIPT, is available to mothers with increased risk of having a baby with chromosomal abnormalities. It is generally used to test for Down Syndrome, but also comes back with a clear reading of whether you are having a boy or a girl.

Fetal DNA Testing

A relatively new method, fetal DNA testing can determine your baby’s sex through a simple blood test! Analysis of 57 studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that blood testing is an accurate way to predict a baby’s sex. Screening kits that test for the male Y chromosome are available with most care providers.

Old wive’s tales

Pregnant mamas have been wondering about their baby’s sex long before the invention of ultrasound! Here are some of the most popular ways to determine if you’re carrying a boy or a girl according to tradition, legend and folklore.

How’s Your Bump?

According to legend, if your bump feels like it’s riding high, you may be carrying a girl. If it’s low, that’s a boy!

Furthermore, a quick glance at the shape of your bump may be a guide as well. If your bump is round like a basketball, that’s a boy! If it’s wide like a watermelon, you’ve got a girl.

Personally, it sounds like these myths are excuses for strangers to touch your bump (not like they ever acted like they needed one in the first place).

Keys and Rings

Here’s something you can probably do right now.

  • Step 1. Pick up a key.

Easy! This test claims that if you picked up the key by the top, round end you are having a girl. If you grabbed the narrow end with the ridges, that’s a boy!

This next test requires a wedding ring (or a regular ring!) Thread a string through your ring and dangle it over your bump. If it swings in a circular motion, you’ve got a girl in there! A pendulum back-and-forth swing is the sign your ring detected a boy!

Baby’s Heart Rate

Pseudoscience suggests that girls are smaller so they have a naturally higher heart rate (around 170) and boys will have a lower one (150). Then again, if you can find out their heart rate, why don’t you just get an ultrasound?

Acne Test

Some lore would tell us that if you’ve developed acne during pregnancy, that’s the sign of a girl. A clear face says you’ve got a boy in there. We say you look beautiful no matter what!

Moisturizer Test

Take a look at your hands. If your skin is looking dry or cracked, that’s a “sure sign” you’re carrying a baby boy. Soft skin means there’s a girl on the way.

The Chinese Gender Chart

There is a Chinese Gender Chart where you can use the age you are at conception along with the month of conception to give you a boy or a girl result…you have a 50/50 chance at least!

The Mayan Equation

The Mayan’s have a special way of determining your baby’s sex. Add your age at conception with the year of your conception together. If that number is even, destiny has chosen a girl. If it’s odd, the prophecy foretells a boy.

Although after 2012, we’re a little speculative of Mayan predictions.