Bump Boxes: Featured in InStyle Magazine!


All day long, Bump Boxes Headquarters has been buzzing with excitement! And this is not the usual commotion that comes from the rush packing and sending out Bump Boxes all day – there’s electricity in the air! What’s the cause, you ask? Earlier today, when we were calmly loading up our Taylor Swift playlists and brewing our coffee for the morning, Bump Boxes Founder Christine bursted through the door. “The mail is here,” she declared “everybody get ready!” Everybody immediately poised for action – there was no telling what could have been delivered! Bills, coupons, fan mail, the usual stuff – except today was different. But, at the bottom of the stack was an anomaly: InStyle Magazine. The November Issue. Finally. Co-Founder Lee performed a slick front-flip across the room to Christine. Sizing up the magazine with the patience of a Tibetan Monk, he simply uttered, “Page 230”. His words hung in the air and the tension grew as Christine slowly, dramatically flipped through the pages. 228… 229… And there it was. In the Pregnancy and Parenting Resources section. Could it be? Christine and Lee read the words aloud: “What are the best pregnancy resources?” And the answer, right below: “Bump Boxes”. Trumpets played, T-Swift blasted, the clouds in the sky parted to reveal a glorious sunrise. A cheer went up and pink boxes flew through the air. We did it!

Okay, parts of that story may have been exaggerated, we’ll admit that. But we really do love Taylor Swift, and we really are featured in the November issue of InStyle! I can neither confirm nor deny Lee’s front flip abilities, but I can tell you for sure that you should check out this issue of InStyle today!