Calming that First Trimester Anxiety

Finding out you’re pregnant after trying for some time can be exhilarating, exciting, joyous and, oh yeah, anxiety-inducing. After the initial excitement fades, some are left fearing the future of their little one — the weeks before the first scan that confirms your little one’s viability leave a lot on the table. While 9 times out of 10, miscarriages are entirely out of the expecting mom’s hands, it’s still an overwhelming fear for many.

So how do you get past the fear and anxiety, and just enjoy those first few weeks of pregnancy? It’s likely you’ve told no one except for your partner, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy your little secret together — making big plans for your baby, not worrying. Here are a few ways to overcome first trimester anxiety and stay positive for your growing little one.

Be Health Focused

The biggest “active” role you can take in ensuring your baby’s viability is by making sure you are aware of your body, what goes into it and how you take care of it.

Exercise. You may be experiencing some morning sickness, which can make creating fitness routines difficult. However, making sure that even a daily walk occurs can do wonders for your body. The fresh air, movement and blood circulation are great for both you and baby.

Cut the bad stuff. After finding out you’re pregnant, immediately consider what needs to be cut out. Cut back on caffeine to 200mg or less a day, kick the smoking habit and wave goodbye to wine with dinner for the next nine months. It will give your little one the best shot.

Watch the cosmetics. Now is the best time to start kicking those dangerous chemical products to the curb. Many skincare and cosmetic products are filled with ingredients that can be harmful to you and that growing little one. 

Take the prenatal vitamins. Hopefully you’ve been taking them since trying to conceive, but if not, now’s a good time to start. Grab a good prenatal from your local pharmacy and make it a habit to take each day. They’re filled with the vitamins and supplements baby needs to grow.

Think Happy Thoughts

The other thing you can do is work hard to adjust your outlook on things. We know, easier said than done. But here are a few things to try.

Stay off WebMD. Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. Steer clear of WebMD and all of those forums until you’ve had your scan and feel more comfortable. Both can be wonderful resources, but can also convince you that every pang and twinge spells the worst news. Stick to sources like the American Pregnancy Association or BabyCenter, with the vetted facts and resources.

Talk to your partner. You may or may not have shared this news with everyone yet, so pick the closest person who does know and have a long talk. If you have to cry or let your craziest fears loose, do it. You’ll feel much better having it out on the table, and your partner will be able to reassure you that everything is almost certainly okay.

Remember that it’s totally normal. Almost every woman who just found out she’s pregnant feels the same way. It means you’re ready to be a mom and take care of this sweet baby that’s just come to be — embrace your new protective instincts, and feel better knowing this is something everyone experiences.

And if nothing else is making you feel better, talk to your doctor, who can let you know of any risks, what your chances are and may even be able to offer you a sooner scan. Your healthcare provider will always have the best information for you in times like this. But remember to embrace the experience every chance you get — you’re going to be a mom!

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