Concerts During Pregnancy: Are they Safe?

If you’re anything like us, mamas, summertime is the best time to get out and enjoy a good concert with the girls!  It’s also a great way for you to get out and have some fun before you find yourself up to your ears in taking care of a new baby!  But wait….are concerts safe for an expecting mama and her baby?

The Risks of Concerts When Pregnant

Depending on the concert you’re attending, the music can range from loud to extremely loud.  So can this damage baby’s hearing?  

By the time you’re 24 weeks along, the baby’s cochlea–the auditory portion of your ear–is fully formed.  This means that they can hear what you hear, just at a different level.  By the time you’re 30 weeks, baby’s ears are smart enough to respond to what they hear!  However, their ears are protected–they are surrounded by the muscles of your stomach, the placenta, and the amniotic fluid.  Think of how you hear when underwater, and that’s how your baby hears his or her surroundings!

Due to that, the music will already be muffled for your baby, and it’s likely that the concert would not be long enough (not like 8 hours in an industrial factory job!) or loud enough to harm your baby.  Unless you’re front row, that is!  So take precautions when buying tickets…you don’t want to harm baby’s ears, and also need to make sure to protect yours!

Additionally, mamas need to take precautions with other factors at concerts–you already know to avoid alcohol, but take care to stay away from too much smoke at outdoor concerts!  Secondhand smoke is nothing to play with when it comes to your unborn baby.

The verdict?

Safe….but with caution!  As mentioned, concerts are a great way to have fun and blow off steam!  Just make sure you’re playing safe with where you sit.  Happy listening, mamas!