Declining Birth Rates in the U.S.

If the government wants birth rates to remain stable for the sake of the nation’s population, they need to implement more policies that benefit Moms and families. 

The adoption of a pro-natal policy by the government and employers alike will comprehensively benefit the nation by maintaining economic growth. Even though it may be difficult and a timely process to prompt change within the government, as we’ve seen time and time again, employers have a pristine opportunity to be leaders of change. 

Demographer Lyman Stone and sociologist Brad Wilcox suggest in their report that, “nudging employers to provide more flexibility, seems to have helped lead to a rapid ‘normalization’ of fertility.”

The U.S. government and employers shouldn’t have to wait for a pandemic to incapacitate the nation in order to provide families with assistance. The substantial differences in birth rates pre and post-pro-natal policies were implemented suggest that the policy works. 

If you’re an employer in the U.S. and you’re reading this, I’d highly encourage you to adopt workplace policies that value your employees and provide assistance when the government doesn’t. 

Implementing policies that are flexible and open-minded to remote work, along with providing paid maternity leave and extra time off during pregnancy or postpartum, encourages employees that it’s okay to prioritize their families. 

Regardless, if this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t wait until someone’s head is completely underwater before throwing them a life preserver. Employers shouldn’t wait for the government to force them to take care of their employees. Take matters into your own hands.