What to Expect When Expecting Twins

So you’re pregnant! With twins! After your initial thought of O. M. G., it’s time to get planning for double of everything. But what can you expect from the pregnancy itself? We’ve done some digging to break down what to expect when you’re expecting twins.

Double the hunger

Mama, you’re going to be hungry … a lot. Other twin moms suggest eating every 20-30 minutes to keep up energy levels and keep the hangry at bay. Just make sure you’re eating food that’s good for both you and babies–eating junk food won’t do you any good. Focus on healthy fats and protein to keep the hunger away for as long as possible.

Double the kicks

You can definitely expect to feel extra kicking from both babies. With two little ones occupying that space, you might even be more perceptive–don’t be surprised if you learn to tell which one is kicking. Enjoy those sweet moments.

More doctor appointments

Twin pregnancies do come with some additional risks, so you can expect to be seeing your doctor far more than you would with a single pregnancy. Consider this a blessing. Seeing your doctor more often will catch any issues much sooner. Make sure to always be honest with your healthcare provider about how you’re feeling day by day.

Double the exhaustion

You’re essentially carrying double the weight, so you can expect to feel that fatigue and exhaustion a lot earlier. Make sure to take it easy and pay attention to your body–overdoing it can cause complications for both you and your babies. Take frequent breaks from what you’re doing and make sure you stay hydrated and nourished. Try to keep snacks in your purse and at your desk for a boost.

Bedrest and increased preeclampsia risk

Let’s get real for a second, being pregnant with twins puts you at a higher risk for both bedrest and preeclampsia. Do some research, talk to your medical provider and make sure you take precautions to keep both you and the little ones safe. And if your provider prescribes bedrest,  stick to it! Your sweet babies will be here before you know it, safe and sound.

Early delivery

This one might be exciting OR nerve-wracking! But either way, when pregnant with twins, you’re more likely to meet your babies sooner than with a single pregnancy. In fact, your doctor/medical provider may schedule your due date much sooner preemptively. No matter when they arrive, though, it will be the best day ever.

And did we mention double the love? Having twins will be a lot of work, but is such a blessing. Take a deep breath–we know you’ll do great! And if you need anything, the Bump Boxes family is always here.

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