Expecting Mommy Must Haves!!

Expecting Mommy Must HavesPregnancy is THE perfect time to splurge…come on ladies, is anyone going to hassle you about spending a little extra money when you can’t even tie your own shoes?!?  Here is a list of expecting mommy must-haves (and a few splurges!) for a healthy, fun and smooth pregnancy

1) Got pregnancy brain?  Can’t remember a damn thing?  Get a journal!  Trust me, you will want to document those 9 months…it will go by fast!  You can create your own on Shutterfly so you don’t miss a thing (Shutterfly $23.99).

2) ANYTHING to help your feet! Your legs and feet get so swollen and painful and it’s hard to get even a little relief.  If no one is around or willing to rub your aching feet, check out Foot Rubz (Foot Rubz $6.18).  You can roll it around the floor with your foot yourself!  Also, if you are still daring enough to wear heels, get a pair of Cinderollies…ballet flats you can keep in your purse for emergencies (Cinderollies $12.00).  I had days where my feet were so swollen I had to struggle to get the heels off my fat feet!!  Don’t let it happen to you!

3) Headphones for your belly = awesomeness!  This is a great way to connect with your little bump and keep him/her entertained.  Belly Buds are amazing…just choose the music wisely hahaha (Belly Buds $49.99)

4) Get an amazing belly oil and butter.  Starting in the second trimester, your stretching skin can become super dry and itchy!!  Use belly oil and butter religiously to help with the stretch, and even keep stretchmarks at bay.  I personally use and love motherlove belly oil (Motherlove Oil $19.99) and salve (Motherlove Salve $17.99).  It smells amazing, it’s comfortable to wear and super easy to re-apply throughout the day.

5) Get Hydrated!!  Invest in a filtered water bottle, bottled water or, if you can’t stand water, get a water bottle with a fruit infuser.  I could taste everything in water and it would seriously make me sick.  Infuse some fruit and you have a great tasting drink that’s still healthy for you!  Check out AdNArt’s Flavour-It glass water bottle…love it!  (Amazon $15.18)

Expecting Mommy Must Haves

6) A gigantic body pillow is an absolute must!  With your growing belly comes growing aches and pains, especially in your back!  Invest in a body pillow to give you some relief and comfort.  I HIGHLY recommend the snoogle (Amazon $54.99)…my husband thinks I’m cheating on him because I still wanted to sleep with the snoogle haha.

7) Splurge on some fun pregnancy stuff while you can!  You only get the chance to be pregnant a few times, and there’s a ton of hilarious items to splurge on!  Get a couple funny maternity shirts (Mamagama $35.00) and coffee cups (Zazzle $21.50).  I suggest taking this coffee cup to work.

8)  Pregnancy glow?  RIGHT!!!!  If your acne is flaring up while you’re pregnant, you’re not alone.  Thanks to those lovely hormonal shifts not only are you crying and hungry all the time, but you look like your 13 again.  Check out Belli’s facewash (Belli $22.00).  It’s safe to use while pregnant and works wonders!

9) Every girl needs a new maternity wardrobe!!  Maternity jeans, leggings and dresses are a must!  I absolutely LOVE Pinkblush maternity (Skinny Jean $39, Tunic $27 and dress $38).  They make that bump super cute and fashionable!

10) Eat Healthy and have lots of snacks handy!  Stash snacks everywhere…purse, car, office, under your pillow…literally everywhere.  I invested in a blender so I could get my fruit first thing in the morning on my way out the door (Amazon $26.59).  Stick to the healthy stuff, but it’s definitely ok to indulge in those cravings!  I craved ice cream and cookies, mostly together (I guess it’s really not a craving if I crave them even when I’m not pregnant).

11)  Prenatal vitamins are essential to your little bumps health, and Promise Prenatal is my absolute favorite.  It is the only prenatal vitamin on the market today that is specifically designed for the different stages of pregnancy.  I used the stage 1 during the first trimester and the extra B vitamins really helped ease my morning sickness…I highly recommend them! (Promise Prenatal $24.80)!

12) Work that bump girl!  Sometimes the best way to de-stress and help alleviate swollen, sore muscles is to get moving!  Bump Boxes has an amazing Be Fit box with some awesome prenatal workout dvds and extras to help you stay healthy during pregnancy (Bump Boxes $75.99).