First Trimester: Thriving, Not Surviving

Fatigue, morning sickness, feeling bloated … it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel during your first trimester. But instead of just surviving it, why not enjoy it? We’re here to give you all the best tips on thriving, not surviving, your first trimester. Let’s get back to enjoying pregnancy!

Get Some Exercise

We know it can be hard to get moving when you don’t feel your best. But low-impact exercise can be the quickest way to feeling better. Try getting outside for some fresh air and a slow to brisk walk (just listen to your body and rest if you need to). Getting your blood flowing can give you a burst of energy in the middle of all that first trimester fatigue.


Sleep can be hard to come by in the first trimester. Between feeling sick and battling insomnia, it can feel impossible. This is why it’s so important to capitalize on sleep any time you can. Take naps, sleep in later than you normally would, ask someone to help you out for an hour while you lay on the couch or in bed to relax. Any time your body will allow you to rest, take it.

Eat small snacks, not full meals

Morning (or all day) sickness can make it very hard to keep meals down and gain the weight necessary for baby’s growth. Instead of trying to force yourself to eat large, full meals multiple times a day, eat what you can keep down throughout the day. Crackers are always a safe choice, but try supplementing with something like almonds, or make fruit pops. This way you’re getting better nutrients in smaller doses.

Take a bath

A bath (at a safe temperature) can do wonders on an aching, pregnant body. Try using Glow Organic’s Energize bath bomb for a wake up call that’s better than coffee. They also have a Relax bath bomb to help you calm your mind before bed and get some of that much needed sleep.  

Supplement with iron

Did you know that your body increases its blood volume by 30-50% during pregnancy? While this helps to provide nourishment to your growing little one, it can lead to some serious iron deficiencies in mamas. This, in turn, can play a big part in all of the fatigue you’re feeling. Make sure to address iron deficiencies with your healthcare provider, who will be able to help you make an educated decision on how much you need to supplement.

We know morning sickness and fatigue are no joke. Try to find activities that excite you. Enjoy a movie with your partner or family, have a girls’ night or any positive activity that can help take your mind off feeling sick. And get ready, you’re going to LOVE the second trimester!

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