Holiday Gift Guide: Self-Care Edition

The holidays are a perfect time to catch up on self care, but as a mama, it’s hard to prioritize rejuvenation and relaxation. Make it easier on her by gifting her some of the best pregnancy-safe self-care products out there.

The best pregnancy-safe self-care gifts!

Glow Organics Bath Soak (Relax)

A warm bath filled with a relaxing, natural bath soak that’s safe for pregnancy? Yessss, mama! Help her clear her head, alleviate uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, and take some time for herself. She deserves it!

Glow Organics Pure Belly Butter

Help your fave mama-to-be keep her growing belly moisturized and soft with this amazing belly butter from Glow Organics. It promotes skin elasticity + helps prevent stretch marks, and since it’s unscented, you don’t have to worry about any overpowering fragrances causing nausea.

Coconut Rum – Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub

With this magical coffee scrub, mama can scrub away dead skin and fatigue in one quick shower. Best of all? When she breathes in the scent, she’ll feel like she’s having a cup of coffee on the beach + living the dream.

Ever Eden Soothing Belly Mask

A belly mask that intensely hydrates, soothes, and prevents stretch marks on growing skin? Yup, ultimate self-care means even the bump gets to be pampered!

Glow Organics Foot Soak (Balance)

Glow Organics Balance Foot Soak is the perfect pregnancy-safe comforting soak for tired, swollen feet. The special essential oil blend can help mama find her center, and the salts will give her feet some much-needed comfort.

ToGoSpa Coconut Eyes

Pregnancy insomnia is real, and once baby arrives, sleep’s not getting any better. Help a mama out by gifting her these under-eye collagen treatments. Great for making it look like she got a lot more sleep than she did.

Previse Purify Hydrating Marine Algae Cleanser

This miracle cleanser is unscented, pregnancy-safe, perfect for sensitive skin, and great at removing impurities without stripping the skin’s natural moisture. It’s just the thing for mamas who want to end their day feeling fresh. It’ll keep mama’s pregnancy glow bright and healthy.

The ULTIMATE holiday gift…

Wanna give a unique gift made just for mama? A Bump Boxes Gift Box can be tailored to mama’s due date and symptoms. We also have Newborn Boxes and The Dad Box, but if you really wanna treat mom right throughout her entire pregnancy, you can give the gift of a Bump Boxes Subscription for 6, 9, or 12 months. Now that’s the gift that keeps on givin’!