How to Get People to Stop Touching Your Belly

Once people start finding out that you’re pregnant, and especially after you start showing, people throw all manners out the window. They might question your pregnancy belly shape, or worse yet, touch it without permission. For some women, there’s nothing more awkward and uncomfortable than someone coming up and (without asking) putting their hands on your baby bump, as though you’re Buddha. For how awkward you feel in the situation, sometimes it seems only fitting to let the other person feel just as uncomfortable as you do. Try some of these tricks to get people to stop touching your belly.

Touch their stomach

People see a pregnant belly and think it gives them free reign to forget about social etiquette, so the next time someone comes up and puts their hand on your belly and you don’t want them to, put your hand on their stomach and see how they like it. Chances are, when they see how uncomfortable they are with you putting a hand on their stomach, they’ll understand that they’ve overstepped your boundaries.

Deny pregnancy

Nothing will make a person regret their decision to touch a baby bump more than being met with the words, “I’m not pregnant.” Throw that out there and wait for them to back away and realize their misstep. Whether or not you want to tell them the truth afterwards is up to you, but they’ll definitely think twice before going up to a pregnant woman’s belly again (or anyone’s belly, for that matter).

“Want to touch my butt, too?”

Saying something as unexpected as, “Would you like to touch my butt, too?” is a humorous way to make the belly-touching perpetrator take a moment to realize how inappropriate it was to touch your stomach. This is a great way to help laugh off the awkwardness, but still making sure the other person knows that you have a boundary they crossed.

Three wishes

If someone comes up and starts rubbing your belly like you’re a magic lamp, you may as well play the part of genie and ask them their three wishes. This humorous remark is another way to help people get the memo that touching others without their permission isn’t cool.


If push comes to shove, you can also advertise the fact that you don’t want your stomach touched in a way that everyone can see: t-shirts. A funny t-shirt with something like “Delicate load, no touching,” or “Unless you put it here, don’t touch” can help ward potential perpetrators. Etsy has some great options that you can check out!

Be honest

Sometimes saying, “I’d rather you not touch my stomach,” and gently moving out of the way or shifting your weight can get people to rethink their actions. Sometimes the least aggressive way is the best, and chances are people are going to instantly feel guilty for making you uncomfortable. Every mom is different, so if people touching your baby bump bugs you, say something! If it doesn’t, embrace it! Everyone’s journey is different and you are allowed to enjoy it however you want.