I feel like death! My struggle through morning sickness and what actually helped.

Morning sickness is shitty. Period. If any of you mommies have been unlucky enough to go through it you know exactly what I mean. For those of you who haven’t gone through it, it feels like the type of hangover you get after drinking cheap wine and doing tequila shots until 4AM, and no amount of greasy food, Tylenol or water will cure it. I’m a very mentally strong person, and I remember after dealing with it for 2 months straight, it literally broke me. I was hugging the toilet with tears in my eyes, telling my husband I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive the rest of the pregnancy if it didn’t let up! Luckily, I found some things that helped to ease the symptoms and I want to pass it along to other sick mommies out there.

Hard Candy – I literally lived off of hard candy when I was sick. I think it lessens the feeling of queasiness just by constantly sucking on something sugary. I highly recommend the yummy earth hard candy. They are so good, and they’re organic which is a plus. The preggie pops are great too!

Anything ginger – Ginger is crucial. Ginger is a natural way to ease nausea, and there is truth to it. Whether it’s gingerale, ginger gum, ginger candy…just get some ginger!

Crackers – Crackers are a great snack when the smell of everything else around you makes you want to run to the bathroom. They are bland enough to actually eat when the smell of everything else makes you want to run to the bathroom. Not to mention they will coat your stomach enough to allow you to try to eat other things.

Stay hydrated – When you have morning sickness, sometimes water even tastes bad and makes you nauseous. Hydrate yourself with whatever you can stomach. If you start getting dehydrated, it will make you feel worse and it’s a downward spiral to a hospital trip from there.

Acupressure wristbands – These definitely help take the edge off, especially the spinning feeling that accompanies nausea!

Sleep – This is the most important by far. Early on, no one knew I was pregnant…I’m sure I probably looked like hell but I did the best I could to keep up appearances. I would get off of work at 4:30, and was exhausted after pretending to be my happy normal self and literally crashed on the couch, typically falling asleep at 6. My husband equated the experience to being tom hanks in castaway and I was his Wilson. He would try to talk to me but I was out of it in a morning sickness coma. It’s simple…As long as you are asleep, you don’t feel sick. Trust me, get as much sleep as you can.

This part of pregnancy awful, but just keep pushing through it! Just remember the next time you’re hugging the toilet, it is totally worth it…your body is busy building your little bump’s support system and you will eventually feel better faster than you think!!