Keeping Cool When You’re Sweating for Two

The rapid approach of summer also means the rapid approach of hot flashes, sweaty underboob (and other bits), and an increase in general moistness. While an increase in sweating and feeling hot is normal during pregnancy (especially during the warmer months of the year), it doesn’t mean it’s not uncomfortable. It’s important to keep an eye out for excessive sweating and fevers, as these could be pregnancy symptoms you shouldn’t ignore. However, a general increase in body temperature is normal with your increase in hormones. Keeping cool when you’re sweating for two can be challenging, but these hacks should help the warmer months of the year be more bearable.

Carry a spray bottle

Keeping a little misting spray bottle on your person can help provide you with a quick relief from the heat you may be feeling. If you’ve ever wondered who those cooling mists were made for, the answer might be pregnant women. Just a couple spritzes can help cool you down and keep you feeling more comfortable. Check out all of our cooling mists and creams to help you stay cool!

Infuse your water with mint or lemon

If you’re feeling a little extra hot, an increase in fluids (especially water) can help cool you down. Adding lemon or mint to your water can help the water taste and feel fresh, which can help trick your brain into thinking you’re already cooling down! Have you ever been chewing gum and then taken a sip of water? It’s the same sort of thing! If you’re in need of a cool, reusable water bottle to help stay hydrated, we’ve got you covered!

DO NOT take a cold shower

Taking a cold shower is actually a big no-no when it comes to cooling down for pregnant women. While it sounds like a great idea (and appealing) on the surface, taking a cold shower can actually make a pregnant woman who is already hot, get even warmer. You’ll feel cooler right at the start because of the water on your skin, however your body starts combating the new, cool temperature by raising your core temperature. If you want to use water to help you cool down, try taking a warm shower, because your internal temperature will naturally go down when you exit the warm shower.

Freeze your bra

What used to be a funny prank at slumber parties is actually a good way to help keep your midsection (and the girls) cool. Putting the bra you want to wear the next day in the freezer overnight is a great way to do this. It’s like when you’re cold and put your pants in the dryer! Just don’t soak your bra in water before putting it in the freezer – that might make it a little too cold for you.

Take a nap

Settling down for a nap can help you cool down, especially in the hottest part of the afternoon. When you sleep, your core body temperature goes down. Then when you wake up, you can feel refreshed and cool, rather than hot and sticky. You can add a little bit of extra relaxation with this sleeping mask.