Moving During Pregnancy: A Survival Guide

There’s no way around it, moving is stressful. Packing your entire life up into boxes and hauling it to a new home can be a daunting and exhausting task. Now what if you’re pregnant on top of it? Whether you have to move for a job, found out you were pregnant after the move was already planned or just plain felt like doing it, sometimes making a move during pregnancy just happens. We’ve got some tips and tricks on how to survive a move when you’re growing a tiny human.

Talk to Your Doctor

We can’t stress this one enough. Before you do anything with your move, let your doctor know the situation. The doctor will be able to give you a few rules and restrictions to keep you and baby safe throughout the move. And whatever you do, always follow what the doctor tells you.

Stay Organized

You’ll fend off a lot of stress by following this simple rule. Whether you organize with spreadsheets, notebooks or a handy app like Evernote, make sure you organize your move. Set a tentative plan in place, create a calendar for yourself and get all those to-do lists out of your head. You’ll feel more in control, and everyone gets satisfaction from crossing off a to-do.

Practice Acceptance

Early in the process, accept and acknowledge that everything likely won’t go entirely smoothly.  If you’re better prepared to take mishaps on headfirst, you’ll do a lot better than over-stressing it.

See the New Home

If you’re having trouble accepting the move, or aren’t in the best frame of mind, try envisioning your new home exactly how you would want it — and with baby settled in. This can help you get more acclimated to the new space, feel more positive about the situation and get you ready to make the move happen. One step closer to baby.


They’re going to happen. Moves can already be an emotional time, and let’s face it, those hormones are raging. If you need a good cry, take it! Then move on.

Get Help.

Pregnancy is the best excuse to go ahead and hire those movers. Take advantage of help you can get, and give someone else the heavy lifting — you’ll be so glad you did. If you can, consider splurging for the cleaning service, too.

Safety First.

Remember that bad form is a huge cause of injury. When lifting, do not bend at your spine and lift with your lower back. You could end up with back injuries or straining yourself or baby. Instead, straddle the item you’re trying to lift, bend your knees and bend at your hips, all while keeping your back straight. This forces you to lift with your leg strength, not your back, and is much safer.

Additionally, steer clear of stairs as much as possible. Your equilibrium and gravitational pull is off during pregnancy, due to the quick growth and added weight, making stairs even more hazardous. Lastly, always always always opt to lift less at a time. That can mean more frequent trips, but will keep you from overdoing it.

Allow for Breaks

When doing any sort of strenuous activity during pregnancy, you should be taking frequent breaks. Make sure you rest every half hour, and put those feet up. It will help with circulation and get that swelling down. The most important thing you can do is listen to your body. If it needs a break, you take a break.

Moving Day Bags

Make sure you pack a couple of bags for the day of the move — add some extra changes of clothes, snacks, essential toiletries, etc.  It will keep you from digging through boxes for something you need right now, and make you feel more in control of the whole day.

Avoid Chemicals

If you didn’t hire cleaners, you’re likely stuck cleaning both old and new places during and after the move. Be aware of everything that’s in your cleaning supplies, or better yet, take this time to upgrade to natural, mama-safe substitutes. 

Bottom line? Stay organized, take breaks and leave room for error. You’ve got this, and baby’s going to love the new home.

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