Old Wives Tales During Pregnancy

It’s true that when you become pregnant, suddenly everyone has an opinion!  But did you know that this is a time-honored habit among society? Know-it-all’s have always been around, we just know them as Old Wives Tales.  While typically untrue and completely unbacked by medicine, they can be a lot of fun to use to explain symptoms during pregnancy!


The way you’re carrying.

One of the most popular old wives tales is that you can predict your babe’s gender just by the way you’re carrying!  If you’re holding your little one up high in that bump, think pink, Mama! When carrying low, they say you can expect a little man!


Another super popular old wives’ tale on pregnancy is that the amount of heartburn you have predicts the amount of hair your little one will have!  The more heartburn, the hairier the babe!


Some myths claim that the things you’re craving can also predict your upcoming little one’s gender!  If you’re craving sweets like chocolate and other candies, you can get ready for a little princess! However, if you’re leaning toward salty foods, or even those high in protein, you’re growing a little boy!

An even more ridiculous tale tied to cravings is that the food you crave will reappear on baby as a birthmark!  For example, eating a lot of watermelon would lead to a watermelon shaped birthmark on Baby!


A myth that is still prominent today is that pregnant women can’t take baths!  Some say it’s because you’ll drown Baby, others say because things get too hot for your growing little one!  The second one is closest to true, but baths are still pregnancy-safe as long as you turn down the heat! Any temperature up to your body’s standard level (98.6) is perfectly safe for you and your little one.  To make that bath extra indulgent, try one of these pregnancy-safe bath bombs here!


Many will tell you that once you begin nesting, Baby is about to make their appearance!  But did you know that some mamas feel those nesting urges as early as the 1st trimester?!  Some mamas don’t even catch the nesting bug at all! Whenever and if ever you start the nesting process, don’t feel rushed!

Heart Rate.

Even your heart rate can be tied to a gender prediction!  They say that heart rates faster than 140 beats per minute indicate that your growing bump is holding a girl!  Slower than that, get ready for all things boy!

So tell us, mamas, did any of these old wives tales prove true for you?  Or were they all just fun to try and guess? True or not, they make pregnancy even more fun!