Our Top 5 Postpartum MUST Haves!

There is nothing better then reaching the end of your pregnancy and finally getting to meet your little bundle of joy! All of the waiting and anticipation is over at last and you have your precious baby! Unfortunately, the delivery isn’t quite the end of the pains and problems that come with pregnancy. Postpartum recovery, in many cases, can be as challenging as pregnancy itself and, even worse, there’s no clear end date to the process. But hang in there mommy! Here are our Top 5 MUST Haves to help you with some of the side-effects brought on by making that brand-new little human!


Firming Creams

An amazing way to help combat loose skin and get rid of those leftover stretch marks postpartum is with pregnancy recovery creams. They’ll help firm your loose skin by promoting muscle tone and elasticity. Of course, working out is the best way to help increase firmness, but these are great to use before the doctor gives you the okay to start doing major physical activity again.  We love this one!


Postpartum Bath Products

Labor can make you feel like your bottom has gone fifteen rounds with a prizefighter and run the NY Marathon – all at once. When the simple act of sitting isn’t simple at all, postpartum bath salts or herbs are there to help you. They are known to help reduce swelling and speed the healing of vaginal soreness, tears, episiotomy, and perineal bruising. Great for prenatal and postpartum hemorrhoids too!

Here’s a tip for the first week after childbirth: find some bath salts that come pre-packed in pads, wet and freeze, and then apply them to comfort your achy mama parts. If you can’t find any that come prepacked you can make your own with disposable tea filters!  


Postpartum Girdles

There are so many benefits to using a postpartum girdle! They help you feel more comfortable, improve your posture and lower back pain, and can increase your confidence. It’s also rumored that they help with post-delivery recovery because they increase support your abdominal muscles.
Be sure not to confuse this with a waist trainer, they are not the same thing.


DIY Hemorrhoid treatments

Hemorrhoids usually appear during the third trimester or immediately after delivery. Here’s a  quick, DIY hemorrhoid treatment that can help you spend less time aching and more time with your new little one!

Postpartum witch hazel compress: soak a pad in witch hazel and freeze immediately, then apply to hemorrhoids. Feel free to add some aloe vera on top if you want to moisturize that area too! This compress will help stop the pain and also help you heal faster.


Breast Pillows

If your breasts are sore or engorged from breastfeeding, breast pillows are a great solution. There are also many options out there for you to pick from! There’s some that you can freeze to help with swelling, while others can be warmed up to help soothe the pain. We recommend that you find one that can do both so you can pick what works best for you!  We love this set.


These remedies should have you back to feeling yourself in no time, Mama!  Now snuggle that newborn–there’s nothing better!