Parabens: What They Are, Why They Matter

At Bump Boxes, we take pride in knowing that the products we choose and select for our mamas are Paraben-free.  We often get asked about Parabens and what they are, so we’re here with the breakdown!

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Parabens are highly effective preservatives that are used in food, cosmetics, toiletry products and baby products.  The most common parabens used today are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben & butylparaben.

Why Parabens are a Concern

  1.  A study conducted in 2004 found parabens in breast cancer tissue…gross!
  2. Studies have proven that they disrupt hormones. They mimic estrogen in the body and interfere with hormone function…not something you or your baby need during pregnancy!
  3. There is currently no regulation on parabens. To put it in perspective, the FDA has only restricted 11 chemicals in cosmetics, where the European Union has actually banned over 1,300!  We’re a little behind the times when it comes to chemicals in cosmetics
  4. A study conducted in 2003 detected parabens in the breast milk of mothers and the cord blood of newborn babies, proving that they can penetrate your skin and stick around in your organ tissue for an extended period of time.

There has been limited to no research currently on the affects of parabens on developing babies.  Growing a baby is a very fragile process, and I wouldn’t want hormone disrupting chemicals altering that in any way!  Exposure to these environmental toxins can have life altering affects, especially during the critical stages of your babies development due how small they are and how fast they are growing!