Pelvic Pain: How to Get Relief

Is your incredible pregnancy experience tinged with pelvic pain? Pelvic pain during pregnancy can be truly crippling — making working, walking or even moving seem nearly impossible. Called Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), it’s something that occurs in many pregnancies, so you’re not alone. Here are some things that can help relieve the pelvic pain or discomfort so you can get back to, well, your life!

Why Is This Happening To Me?

PGP or SPD occurs mainly due to the abundance of the hormone relaxin in your body during pregnancy. This hormone is released to loosen up your pelvis to help your body prepare for birth. While necessary, it does have some unfortunate “side effects.”

It can also be perpetuated by a mama’s inability to activate the front of the pelvic floor, which supports the joint in your pelvis. That lack of support can lead to stress and undue pain in your pelvic area. There are many options out there to help strengthen that pelvic floor.

What Can I Do?

Good news for you, there are a number of ways to get relief from PGP or SPD. You can always start small by taking pregnancy-safe pain relievers, but many times that only lessens rather than alleviates the pain.  If you’re still struggling, read on.

TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. It is imperative to discuss your pelvic pain with your doctor or healthcare provider to first and foremost make sure nothing more serious is happening. After that, your doctor may also be able to walk you through a course of action in relieving the pain.

Take a bath. Taking a warm (NEVER HOT) bath can do wonders for aches and pains during pregnancy. Let the water run against your back, and get some much needed relaxation. Even better, toss in a bath bomb that is formulated specifically for pregnancy. The essential oils in the bath bomb will get to work right away on alleviating pain.

Pelvic support. Invest in a good pelvic support garment. These garments help keep your uterus from pushing down on your pelvis, which in turn, helps to reduce pressure and pain.

Exercise regularly. We cannot stress this one enough, mama! Make sure you’re consistently participating in (healthcare provider approved) pregnancy workouts. Even if it’s just taking a brisk walk–this can help prevent pelvic pain in the first place. These pregnancy-approved workout apps are a great starting point. 

Grab a body pillow. Sleeping with a body pillow can make sure you don’t wake up stiff as a board in the morning. Sleeping with a body pillow between your legs helps support that pelvic area.  

Go easy on yourself. Take it easy! Just as important as exercising, making sure you’re not overdoing it or straining yourself can help ease (and even prevent) pelvic pain.

There is a great deal of information out there on PGP and SPD, and your doctor can always offer information and resources. Between that and the tips above, we’re sure you’ll be feeling better in no time. Now enjoy the rest of this exciting time!