Pregnancy After 35: What You Need to Know

Did you know pregnancy after 35 is still considered a Geriatric Pregnancy purely because it is a pregnancy that occurs anytime a woman is over the age of 35. But, has the world evolved past this? We’re bringing you the information you need to know and can talk with your healthcare provider about so you have a wonderfully safe pregnancy.

What you need to know: Pregnancy complications that are more likely for women 35 and older

  • TTC: Truth-bomb time not many of us like to hear – unfortunately, there is a “biological clock” as you near 40 years old. Make sure you speak with your healthcare provider about any fertility concerns you may have. Every woman is born with a certain number eggs and as you get older you release fewer and fewer eggs. This “biological clock”/fewer eggs being released usually starts around 35 – 40 years old.
  • Preexisting Health Conditions: Think diabetes or high blood pressure/hypertension. Your healthcare provider can help ease stress levels and guide you through a healthy experience pre-pregnancy, during, and postpartum so you and your baby stay as healthy as you both can be. Even you think it might be a minor concern, it never hurts to share everything right up front.
  • Preeclampsia: This happens for some women around their 20th week of pregnancy and is a condition where there is a sudden rise in blood pressure and swelling, usually in the face, hands, and feet. You can read more in depth about preeclampsia here but as you get older, the risk for preeclampsia does increase.
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What you need to know: How to prepare

  • Preconception Check-Up: Scheduling a preconception check-up helps you and your healthcare provider prepare and get ahead of any concerns you both may have. This will be the time to talk about your family and medical history, along with any questions you have about vaccines, vitamins, and medication you may need or have questions about taking. If you need to start or continue treatment for any preexisting health condition, now is also the time make sure that happens.
  • Reduce your Stress: Even pregnancy before 35, reducing stress helps. But, a lot of women see an increase in stress levels as they age so finding ways to take a break will be even more important now.
  • Top 3: Healthy lifestyle, healthy foods, and healthy home make for a great pregnancy even before 35. If you need help quitting smoking, now is the time to talk about it. Take more walks or keep exercising so your body stays healthy and same goes for your meals. Take your prenatal vitamins so you up your pre and during pregnancy nutrients. Taking a quick scan of what you’re using in your home is good to do now, too. Some chemicals in everyday cleaners (even skincare) don’t tend to mix well with pregnancy. You can find great options here.

Talking with your healthcare provider if you are considering pregnancy after 35 is just as important as talking them when you’re younger. That “meet and greet” can help you and your future baby stay healthy full term.

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