Pregnancy cravings – what you need to know

You’ve most likely heard the pickles and ice cream reference when pregnancy cravings are brought up. Did you know the most common cravings are spicy food followed by chocolate? So, when do pregnancy cravings start? Why do they start? And, holy cow, why do some foods make you wanna gag? Let’s figure it out together.

So, when will you start craving the weird combos

Guess what? Your pregnancy cravings could trigger before your positive pregnancy test! Say what?! As soon as your little one starts to become a peanut sized cutie, your insides could decide cheesy fries topped with blueberry yogurt is the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. Generally, your pregnancy cravings will spike in the second trimester and ease away in the third. But, don’t be shocked if there are some foods you still can’t stomach even postpartum.

Cheesy fries with blueberry yogurt?! But, why?!

Well…hormones really. Experts haven’t figured out specifically why women crave (or loathe) certain foods but the fact that it happens is certain and hormonal changes are at the top of the reasons list.


Ok, think back to your period and multiply PMS by a bazillion because the hormonal changes you’re experiencing during pregnancy impact your senses, including your mood, on a much higher level. Here’s where those hormones trigger your pregnancy cravings & the feelings you have towards those foods. Don’t be surprised if you all of a sudden experience the ability to smell out the chocolate, or salty fries, or even a barbecue you realize isn’t even on your street. So, if foods that smell delightful (yup, could even be cheesy fries with blueberry yogurt) one day but your favorite plate of pancakes all of a sudden smells gross and make you angry another day, you aren’t crazy. You’re just growing a cute little human.

Are there cravings you shouldn’t cave to?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: well, yeah. If you ever find your pregnancy cravings veering you to things like dirt, corn starch, and even clay, contact your healthcare provider. As weird as those sound, they aren’t uncommon and could actually be a sign of iron deficiency. Don’t forget about avoiding too much deli meat, sushi, soft cheeses, and uncooked meats. Those you’ll want to steer clear of throughout your pregnancy.

Now, if your pre-pregnancy diet was a vegetarian diet and you all of a sudden are craving meat – it’s time for an internal heart to heart, and possibly more dark, leafy greens and nuts. Think high iron foods since meats are a high source of iron and that’s what you could be craving versus a BLT sandwich.

At the end of the day, pregnancy cravings are pretty normal and your pregnancy food journey should be a delicious one that makes you feel good…even if it’s cheesy fries topped with blueberry yogurt.