Pregnancy After Miscarriage: How to Enjoy It

A miscarriage can be one of the most devastating things a woman has to face — no mother wants to lose her child. And it can make your next try that much scarier and overwhelming. Many mothers struggle in trying to conceive after a loss, and others struggle the entire duration of their next pregnancy. But we’re here to let you in on a secret–carrying your beautiful rainbow baby can be just as wonderful, even with the dark cloud of fear looming. Although it still feels hard sometimes, here’s how you truly can enjoy your pregnancy after miscarriage.


We know — this one can seem the hardest. But try to make the conscious effort each day to choose joy. Choose being grateful for the little being growing in your belly, and choose to take it a day at a time. You’ll be surprised at the wonders this will do to your mindset. We’re not saying you can’t worry, or that every day has to be sunshine. But with everything going on, it can certainly help to “fake it til you make it,” mama. Remember: Happy mamas make happy babies.


We know you hear “practice self care!” all the time. The new buzzword certainly has its benefits, though. Take some time each day for yourself, however your schedule allows. Whether you take a long shower, meditate, take yourself on a date or just spend 5 minutes focusing on your breathing and the miracles your body is performing, that is your time. Be sure to carve some out.


It can be hard to lose a little one and feel like the rest of the world keeps moving on the same. And we know that thinking about that loss can resurface a lot of pain. But some mamas find comfort in setting aside time to remember that sweet one–maybe you spend some time on the due date each year reflecting, maybe it helps to say the little one’s name. You can share this with a partner, or spend this time to yourself — whatever works for you. Remember, you’re allowed to cherish those memories.


Your pain, fear and anxiety are all normal. And more importantly, you’re not alone. When you can, talk to others — you might be surprised how many around you are confronting those same fears. It’s normal to worry, it’s normal to call your doctor “too many” times and it’s normal to grieve.


This is a big one. Connecting with the little one you’re growing can truly help make this pregnancy more enjoyable. It can be hard to connect out of fear of experiencing the same loss, but it can help center your emotions and thoughts. Spend some time talking to baby, enjoy each kick, take note of the milestones. This one can take the most practice, but is truly the most rewarding.

On the same hand, journaling your pregnancy is such a wonderful way to experience your pregnancy. It reminds you that each milestone is something to be rejoiced in, and will help put that joy back in the experience.

We know this can be such a hard time. Finding someone to talk to, and practicing these small steps can go a long way in making your experience easier. And remember, if you find yourself really struggling, it’s okay to talk to your doctor/healthcare professional.

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