Best Pregnancy Pamper Gifts to Completely (And Safely) Treat Mom During Pregnancy

“Pregnancy pamper gifts” encompasses a wide variety of spa, skincare, and practical feel-good products to promote relaxation and kick discomforts — so there are definitely a vast number of ways to pamper a new mom-to-be during her pregnancy. 

But unlike normal gifts for your friend, daughter, partner, or yourself, when shopping for pregnancy pampering gifts, you have to be careful of chemicals, because many spa and skincare products can have harmful chemicals that aren’t safe for a baby. 

Think about it, those uber-colorful, super-good-smelling bath bombs are loaded with chemicals, and they’re not the only popular spa products posing health risks to a developing baby. So, in order to keep mama and baby pampered and healthy, you’ll have to do a little research.  

Now, as you might expect, Googling ingredients, scouring labels, and scanning buyer’s guides gets old quickly, and researching skincare is the last thing most expecting parents want to do, especially since soon-to-be mamas really should be taking this time to relax and de-stress. 

(And it sure doesn’t help that every article on pregnancy pamper gifts is full of general pregnancy products like belly bands, diaper bags, and maternity clothes.) 

That’s where we come in. 

Not only have we done the research for you, but we’ve also put together a couple of gift ideas and solutions for you, too. That way, shopping for the best spa day and pamper products to help mom feel like the queen she is couldn’t get any easier. 

In our post, you’ll find: 

Our Pregnancy Pamper Boxes Were Literally Built to Treat Expectant Mothers Month-After-Month

Nearly a decade ago, our founder was pregnant for the first time and taking her first stab at navigating the pregnancy-safe spa and pamper products world. After feeling frustrated and confused only very shortly thereafter, she came to ask herself:

Why isn’t there an automatic service to deliver the best pregnancy products right to your doorstep? 

No first-time mom wants to spend her days in the aisles of grocery stores or sitting at the laptop reading about chemicals. There had to be an easier option. 

So, we created Bump Boxes to give pregnant moms the royal treatment month after month. We tailor our pregnancy subscription boxes for every mama’s individual needs to pamper her with the best gifts during each stage of her pregnancy. And between our 3, 6, 9, and 12-month subscription options, we have something for every expecting mother.

Not only that, but we also offer specific trimester boxes to prepare mama for the different pregnancy challenges she’ll face as her belly and baby grow — for example, our First Trimester Box has morning sickness remedies, our Second Trimester Box is loaded with goods to alleviate body aches, and our Third Trimester Box has all of the best products to prepare mom for labor and breastfeeding. 

We also send mamas a variety of gifts every month; this way, we can not make mom feel special and celebrate her pregnancy, but also help her combat the not-so-fun pregnancy symptoms she’ll experience along the way. 

Our pregnancy subscription boxes are super simple to order — just enter mom’s due date and select the desired subscription length — making them great gifts for partners, parents of mama, family members, and friends. That said, our Bump Boxes are also a great option for moms who want to treat themselves to something that’ll reduce their time spent researching pregnancy-safe spa products and set their future selves up to be pampered hassle-free.

Over 500,000 mamas and counting have loved our Bump Boxes subscriptions because they give mom something to look forward to each month that’s designed just for her. 

Visit our subscription page to browse our Bump Boxes and learn more about the different options. Questions? We’ll help you get started in the best program for your current stage of pregnancy.

Why Bump Boxes? How Do We Make the Best Pregnancy Pamper Boxes?

At Bump Boxes, we’re a team of moms with one goal in mind, and that is making pregnancy go smoother for other moms out there. 

While we’re not medical professionals and don’t claim to have all of the answers to pregnancy shopping, we’ve been down this road before, so we’ve had experience finding and trying different pregnancy-safe spa products. Now, we’re committed to researching and providing the best, safest products to pamper mamas during their pregnancies. 

On top of sending mamas our favorite pregnancy pampering products in our Bump Boxes, we started our own line of pregnancy-safe, organic spa products to transform mom’s bathroom at home into a zero-stress zen zone. This takes the guesswork out of finding pregnancy-safe skincare products and ensures we’re offering our mamas the best, cleanest pamper gifts. Moms can find these Glow Organics products in their Bump Boxes, and they can also restock their favorite spa products a la carte on our website. 

Let’s talk about our line of clean, safe pamper products to gift an expecting mom during her pregnancy. 

The Best Pregnancy Pamper Gifts to Help Mom Feel Better and Kick Discomforts 

Ana Duo Nausea Relief Bracelets

Most moms spend the first trimester battling with morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting. It’s safe to say, it’s hard to feel pampered or relaxed when you’re quite literally sick to your stomach. 

Ana Duo’s stylish Nausea Relief Bracelets can help mom weather that pregnancy hurdle. Acupressure — specifically applying constant gentle pressure to the inner wrist — has been shown to reduce motion sickness and nausea, and many moms have found wearing acupressure bands bring real relief. 

Instead of opting for flimsy-looking “Livestrong style” nausea bands, we love Ana Duo’s two-band set because it’s a neutral, sandy tan and features fun designs. 

Sparking Mama Citrus and Ginger Fizzelixir

Since nausea and vomiting can be especially bothersome to many expectant moms, we suggest buying a couple of morning sickness remedies to give her options. One of our favorites is Sparkling Mama’s Fizzelixir, available in a variety of flavors. 

We love this drink mix for morning sickness because it’s fizzy like ginger ale without all of the sugar of soda, and it contains natural ingredients, like magnesium and vitamin B6, to soothe upset bellies. The refreshing raspberry and mint flavor is super delicious, too! 

KeaBabies Maternity Support Belt 

Backaches and other bodily discomforts are pretty common as mom’s baby bump grows and expands, but a good belly support band can counter some of the stress on mom’s spine and ease her aches and pains. We recommend the durable KeaBabies Maternity Support Belt because it fits easily under most clothing and is ultra-strong, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of support. 

Plus, it features lightweight, mesh fabric to prevent overheating and belly bump sweats. If mama’s struggling with pelvic, lower back, or round ligament pains, or just having trouble kicking back pains post-pregnancy, the KeaBabies Maternity Support Belt may be worth a whirl. We also love this band because it comes in one simple size to make shopping easy.

BumpLife Wooden Massager

The next must-have on our list of practical gifts to pamper mama is our go-to Wooden Massager by BumpLife. We include this massager in our subscription boxes and Third Trimester Box because it’s the perfect gift to nip pregnancy aches and pains in the bud and relieve sore muscles. It pairs perfectly with our belly butter and body lotion and is small enough to get hard-to-reach knots. Not to mention, its compact size makes it perfect to include in the Delivery Day bag, so you can roll out mama’s tense muscles during labor.  

Jean Pierre Jade Face Roller

Face rollers are more than just fun, Instagrammable spa gifts, they actually serve a real purpose and can help to relieve skin puffiness. Acne and other skin changes can be uncomfortable for mom all during her pregnancy, but these rollers work to gently massage mom’s skin and soothe inflammation. Not to mention, these also provide a lot of relief for migraines, tender temples, and other headaches. And for even better relief, we suggest placing your Jean Pierre Jade Face Roller in the fridge or freezer so it can chill before use. This allows the roller to double as an ice pack to really relieve puffy, tired skin. 

All of the Best Pregnancy Pamper Gifts Mom Needs for a Luxe At-Home Spa Day

From body soaps to foot soaks, Glow Organics has everything to pamper mom during her pregnancy. 

Relax Bath Soak 

The first product on our list is an absolute must for mamas seeking the relaxing at-home spa experience. Our Relax Bath Soak is packed with calming essential oils to help moms set aside their worries and de-stress for a moment. It even contains a proprietary salt mixture to reverse swelling, soreness, and pains, making it perfect for pampering fatigued, pregnant bodies. 

We love our bath salts for pregnant mamas because they work double duty to restore mom’s tired body while allowing her to take a timeout and focus on her wellness. It’s a wonderful beginning-of-the-day pick-me-up to get mom started on the right foot, but it’s also the perfect tool to unwind after a busy day. And did we mention it smells amazing? 

Balance Foot Soak

Swollen feet, ankles, and calves are a real pregnancy pain, and sore feet are especially bothersome to mamas who are on the move most of their day. Our pain-relieving Balance Foot Soak is formulated with soothing salts and relaxing essential oils to ease tender muscles, alleviate swelling, and help mom unwind before bed. 

Our foot soak is perfect for everyday use or the occasional spa night, but moms who struggle with dry skin on their feet find the most benefit by incorporating our Glow Organics Balance Foot Soak into their daily beauty routine. Plus, our foot soak contains full lavender buds for scent, but they also contribute to the grandeur spa feel, so moms can enjoy an Instagram-worthy foot soak at home.   

Charcoal Face and Body Mask 

In addition to our detoxifying Charcoal Face and Body Mask meant for everyday use, we also offer a more heavy-duty charcoal mask for deep cleansing. The main ingredients in our Charcoal Face and Body Mask, active charcoal, tea tree, and organic avocado oil, cleanse toxins and dirt without stripping the skin’s natural oils. 

In fact, our mask even leaves skin feeling supple and moisturized. It’s great for pregnancy acne on the face, but can also be used to treat problem spots on the back and body. The mask is lightly scented and versatile enough to compliment all skin types — it even works for mamas with sensitive skin.    

Pure Belly Butter

While it’s virtually impossible to completely get rid of stretch marks, we do advise using belly butter and oils to manage the dry skin and itchiness that can come with a growing belly. During our pregnancies, we found a lot of stretch mark creams weren’t entirely pregnancy-safe. 

(Surprising, we know!) That’s why we developed our Pure Belly Butter, made entirely of clean organic coconut and shea butter, macadamia nut and sweet almond oils, and light grapeseed oil. 

This blend of invigorating ingredients quenches mom’s dry skin, relieving burning and itching, and improves elasticity to manage lines and marks. Pregnant women rate this bestseller five stars and love its scentless, lightweight formula. 

Energize Body Lotion 

Our Energize Body Lotion is like a refreshing glass of water for mom’s dry, itchy skin. A blend of nourishing aloe vera and sweet almond oil leaves skin feeling smooth-to-the-touch and ultra-hydrated. 

And instead of caffeine, we use zesty lemon essential oil, invigorating orange and grapefruit oils, and refreshing green tea to kickstart mom’s energy levels and prevent daytime fatigue. While we love our body lotion for dry, cracked skin, it’s also perfect to use as mom’s belly grows in the prevention of stretch marks.  

Bath Bombs 

Everybody loves a good bath bomb; they smell amazing and they turn a rather mundane task like taking a bath into a luxury experience. Though we all love these fun spa products at bath time, many of them contain questionable chemicals. 

Our Glow Organics Energize Bath Bomb are designed to reverse fatigue, reduce aches and pains, and promote total relaxation. They give mama the complete at-home spa feel, and since they are fragranced with pure essential oils and are paraben, dye, synthetic, phthalates, and sulfates free, moms can use them without worry. 

Put Pregnancy Shopping in the Past and Let Us Do the Leg Work with Our Personalized Pregnancy Pamper Kits

Pregnancy is an exciting, but difficult thing, and pampering mama with thoughtful gifts while her body grows and nurtures another teeny person should be top of the list for those in mom’s life. Whether you want a long- or short-term solution, we have you covered between our Bump Boxes gift baskets and our Glow Organics spa products. 

We love our pregnancy gift sets for every occasion and shopper — whether you’re shopping baby shower gifts for a pregnant friend or you need a special gift for mom’s first mother’s day, we’re here to help. 

You can shop your favorite solutions on our site, or explore our Bump Boxes subscription options. And of course, our team of dedicated moms is available to answer any questions you might have while navigating the pregnancy-safe pamper products space. 

Finally, you and mama can spend less time on your laptops and more time embracing the pregnancy experience and preparing for a new baby. We can’t wait to pamper you with the best pregnancy gifts along the way!