Pregnancy Superfoods Moms Can’t Get Enough Of!


Eating healthy while pregnant is one of the most important things you can do for you and your baby. Sure, that craving for a double bacon cheeseburger is very real, but you and your baby need some serious nutrition first. Never fear, Bump Boxes is here with our favorite pregnancy superfoods! Include these nutrition-packed foods in your diet – your body and your little one will thank you!


The best breakfast innovation since toasted bread! Eggs are total superfoods. They’re one of the easiest forms of protein available, plus they have all of the amino acids your baby needs. Let’s not forgot about the dozens of essential vitamins packed under that fragile little shell. Egg yolks contain choline, which is essential for fetal brain development. Our tip: find a brand with omega-3 fats. Those will improve your baby’s brain development and vision power!


Everybody loves avocados! And for a good reason – they’re packed with mono-unsaturated fats (good fats) and a bunch of essential vitamins like fiber, potassium, and the baby-essential folic acid. They’re versatile as heck and can go with just about every meal, if you’ve got the culinary creativity! If you’re going for guac, try to keep the salty chips to a minimum. Otherwise, enjoy these pregnancy superfoods as much as you want!

Beans and Lentils

Vegetarian moms already know how rich in protein and fiber these are, so it should come as no surprise that they made our list of superfoods. Low in fat but high in nutritional content, beans and lentils are perfect for pregnant mamas. And all of those gastrointestinal troubles that pregnancy hormones love to create? The natural fiber will knock those right out. Try a black bean burger, or some creamy humus from chickpeas. The possibilities are endless!


Spinach, and all other leafy greens, are excellent nutrient-rich foods that we can’t recommend enough for pregnant moms. Some kale, asparagus, or broccoli will perfectly satisfy your daily required intake of vegetables. We recommend trying to eat them as close to raw as possible.

Whole Grains

Throw away that over-processed white bread and pick up some carbs that are more than just empty filler. Complex carbs from whole grains take your body longer to digest and support long-term energy. Whole grains carry more fiber and nutrients than white alternatives, like rice and flour. Enriched whole grain bread is even fortified with folic acid (essential for prenatal health), vitamin B, iron and zinc – that’s what makes them pregnancy superfoods! If it looks like it was made in a bakery rather than a factory, odds are it is better for you and the little bun in your oven!


Your constantly-growing little one needs plenty of calcium to support healthy skeletal growth. Got yogurt? Plain yogurt actually has more calcium than milk, and lets not forget about the protein, vitamin B, and zinc. And by the way, if you don’t get the required 3 servings of calcium per day, your body will actually start to borrow calcium from your own bones, so get your nutrition from this superfood now!