Preparing For Baby : What to Stock Up On

Can you believe it, mama?  You’re in the final stretch, and baby could arrive any day now!  Whether you’re due in a month, or due in a week or two, it’s a perfect time to stock up on necessities so that you’re not running to the store after baby arrives!  Preparing for baby can be a lot of work, but we’ve got you covered on everything you’ll want ahead of time!

Pregnant African mother with young daughter sitting on the bed meditating


Trust us when we say you don’t want to run out of these things!  Wouldn’t it be terrible to wake up at 3am for a feeding to find out you’re out of toilet paper? Make sure you stock up on these items and store them in those bathroom cabinets!

Paper goods.  Make sure to stock up on the obvious, like toothpaste, but don’t forget those maxi pads, mama!  You’ll be so glad you love those once you’re home from the hospital!  Plus, with guests stopping by to see you and the baby, toilet paper will run out quicker than ever!

Toiletries. Grab extras of things like shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, and body soap.  These are things you’ll forget you need until you’re completely out!  And when you’re up with baby and recovering, you won’t want to be running to Target, mama!


Baby Items

If this isn’t your first baby, then you know how necessary it is to stock up on baby’s supplies at home!  If this is your first, take our word for it, mama.  You’ll run through diapers, wipes, and baby powder like it’s your job!

Don’t forget the lesser known necessities like diaper cream and baby wash!  It’ll help you breathe easier knowing you have everything you need on hand!



This is something many mamas forget about in the bustle of preparing for baby!  But when you or dad come down with a migraine or heartburn, you’ll want to be sure to have tylenol and tums on hand!

Go ahead and grab ibuprofen and bandaids while you’re at it, too.  With medicine, it’s always better safe than sorry!  If your family has prescription meds, now is a good time to make sure everyone is up to date!



This is a big one, mama.  Having a stocked kitchen before you go into labor will be an absolute lifesaver when you come home from the hospital!  Trust us when we say you won’t want to be doing any cooking!

Stock the freezer.  Fill your freezer with healthier frozen foods–think frozen veggies, frozen chicken, frozen fruit.  Anything that has been frozen at the peak of freshness is great for you and your family, and can be zapped quickly in the microwave or oven!  And go ahead and grab some frozen pizzas too, mama–there will be times you’ll just deserve it!

Stock the pantry.  Now is a good time to start stocking up on snacks you love, mama!  Of course you’ll be slipping some into your hospital bag, but stash some in your pantry as well for random hunger cravings or midnight snacks while baby feeds!  Things like pasta, tea, and coffee are great to stock up on now as well!


Anything you can do ahead of baby’s arrival will be a huge relief for you once you come home from the hospital!  Preparing for baby can be a daunting task, but our checklist should keep you in great shape for your household!  You’ve got this, mama!