Reasons it’s Great to be Pregnant During Summer

Being pregnant during the summer gets a bad rap. Even if you and your belly will be sweating for two during the year’s hottest months, there are several reasons being pregnant during summer can be a beautiful thing. For one, it’s summer and there’s a special energy that comes along with everyone’s favorite season. Warm weather and longer days are known to lighten the mood, and you’ll benefit from that given pregnancy’s wacky and ever-changing hormones. Here are 6 more reasons it’s great to be pregnant during summer.  

Outdoor exercise is perfect during the summer (aka swimming)

Maintaining a healthy pregnancy is every new mom’s number one goal. Getting outside for some fresh air is easy during the summer months. Walking is a low-impact exercise that has great cardio benefits for expectant moms. Plus it can be done during all stages of pregnancy and at all fitness levels. Swimming is another excellent form of exercise during pregnancy that can help with swelling, pressure, loosen the joints and provide relief from the heat.

Farmer’s Markets are Loaded with Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Obviously it’s very important to get as many nutrients as you can to keep your growing baby healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with important nutrients, dense carbohydrates and fiber, all necessary ingredients for a healthy baby. And summer has tons of farmer’s markets and outdoor stands with all the fresh fruits and veggies you need.

Vitamin D is So Important

Vitamin D vibes are important and necessary for pregnant women. Expecting moms are at risk of vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and other conditions. Because you typically can’t get enough Vitamin D through food sources alone, spending time in the sunshine wields numerous benefits. Just be sure you wear pregnancy-safe sunscreen and don’t get too much sun!

Hello, Maxi Dress Season

Breezy, lightweight dresses are a pregnant woman’s best friend. Maternity dresses, skirts, tank tops and bathing suits are all fair game during the summer and will help you remain comfortable and cool, no matter which trimester you’re currently in.

It’s Easy to Stay Hydrated During Warmer Months

It’s hot, and the urge to drink loads of water comes easy during the warmer months. Because it’s essential to stay hydrated throughout pregnancy (and more so during summer), you’ll need to keep up on your daily quota. Easy peasy! The warmer months there are many refreshing ways to stay hydrated. Bored from the water? Try a mocktail!

Summer Means Vacation Time

Summer is a great time to take a break. If you’re currently in your second trimester, it may be the perfect time for you and your partner to take a last-minute romantic getaway or babymoon. Connect and spend quality time together even if it means taking a short road trip or finding the perfect staycation.

Aside from dealing with the heat, being pregnant during the summer has many advantages. Make the most of the sunshine and warmer weather while you can!