Sex During Pregnancy: The Questions You Don’t Want to Ask

Let’s talk about sex…during pregnancy! A relatively “taboo” topic, many new moms don’t feel comfortable discussing their sex life with friends or sometimes even doctors — even though they may have plenty of questions about it. Is it safe? Can it hurt my baby? Will it cause premature labor? All of these are normal questions, and we’re about to give you the lowdown on all of it.

Is it safe?

Provided you have a normal, low-risk pregnancy, yes. (If you have a high-risk pregnancy or are experiencing abnormalities, always make sure to discuss any activity with your doctor or healthcare provider beforehand.)  If you’re not experiencing any issues with your pregnancy, you can continue to enjoy sex with your partner all the way up until your water breaks.

Many mamas (and soon-to-be dads) are concerned that baby can be poked or injured in some way during sex. However, you can rest assured that your little one is well protected — your cervix, uterus and mucus seal will keep any traumatic problems from occurring. Moms can also be worried about the jostling of baby, but to be honest, the experience will be the same feeling if you’re simply walking up or down stairs.


Will it change during pregnancy?

Your sex life and drive will most likely change during the duration of your pregnancy. Some moms have little to no sex drive during pregnancy, while others swear it was the best of their life and report very heightened libido.  

Your pregnancy symptoms can also affect the way you feel about sex — if you’re experiencing unpleasant morning sickness or fatigue, you likely won’t be hopping into bed with your honey anytime soon. Whereas during the second trimester (affectionately termed the “honeymoon trimester”) you’re probably feeling much better and enjoying added energy. Just remember that no matter what your feelings toward sex during pregnancy are, they’re completely normal.


Should I avoid certain positions?

Short answer? Yes. Long answer, the positions that are safe to participate in will change throughout your pregnancy.  

  • First Trimester: Have at it. Early in your pregnancy, provided you feel up to it, any position is safe for both you and baby.
  • Second Trimester: Avoid missionary — the added pressure on baby when you lay on your back can not only be uncomfortable for you, but bad for your little one.
  • Third Trimester: Any position that puts you on your back or feels like the full weight of your bump is pressing down on you is a big no-no.  Try the spooning position — it’s often the most comfortable.

No matter how you choose to go about things in the bedroom, listen to your body. Sex during pregnancy can be safe and a lot of fun, as long as you pay attention and check with your doctor on any concerns you may have.

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