Spectra Breast Pump Reviews

Real Moms review their Spectra Breast Pump.

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Katie’s Review

“Just hanging out with my BFF!!

Do you want the secret to producing more #breastmilk for a decent stash!?!?

I am back attached to the Spectra breast pump. However, this time producing milk is not a concern of mine.

  • Third baby and I have learned fed is best.
  • Self care – I prioritize working out, sleep and getting out of the house.
  • Enjoying basic Whole Foods with lots of healthy fats! Thanks to the @fasterwaytofatloss for teaching me the way!
  • Learning how to correctly use my pump – This is HUGE!!

It’s amazing what a little self care and nutrition can do!!”

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Kristi’s Review

“I saw a box on the porch and MY PUMP CAME IN! Yay!!!!! Not sure know why that’s so exciting.🤪 Maybe because it is a sign he is almost here and it’s a new gadget!

I went with a Spectra breast pump this go around and our insurance covered it! I didn’t have the best luck pumping with Renn so I thought a switch up would be nice. Many of my Mama friends recommended this one, and I love that it is a closed system. With my Medela I noticed moisture in the tubing and that made me think of mold. Moisture does not get in the tubing of the Spectra. 👌

I’m hoping all this newborn stuff comes back to me! 🙈❤️”

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Alex’s Review

“I get pretty giddy about all baby things so I guess you could say I was pretty PUMPED 😉 when I received my Spectra breast pump in the mail. After doing my research on pumps, the speCtra 2 Plus definitely had me sold.”

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