Sushi During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

I don’t know about you mamas, but we here at Bump Boxes love sushi!  In fact, it might be the hardest part of pregnancy (okay, maybe not the hardest…) to hear that sushi is banned from your menu!  But is it really? What’s the deal with raw fish and pregnancy?

Pre-pregnancy, sushi and other fish are considered part of a healthy diet (aside from those rolls that are deep fried and mayo-filled!).  Sushi packs a punch with vegetables, heart healthy avocado, and omega-3 rich fish like salmon and tuna.  Not to mention, it’s just yummy!  But for pregnant mamas, sushi can open the door to some serious health issues.

Mercury in Fish

Raw fish can contain high levels of mercury.  If someone were to come in contact with high levels of mercury, it can cause severe damage to your internal systems–lungs, kidneys, and nervous systems.  It can also cause damage to your vision and hearing.  While eating sushi occasionally will not cause grown adults this issue, it is especially hazardous for babies in the womb.  Even small levels of mercury could cause baby brain damage or vision/hearing loss.


There are types of fish that contain less mercury than others, (think shrimp, salmon, and light tuna over swordfish and mackerel) but eating any raw fish poses a big risk to your bump.


Bacteria and Viruses

Additionally, eating any amount of seafood that has an internal temperature under 145 degrees Fahrenheit is very risky.  Fish cooked under that temperature creates a welcome environment for bacteria and viruses that are very dangerous to both you and baby.  This can turn into food poisoning or far worse.  So make sure whether you’re cooking at home or going out to eat, you watch that temperature, sushi or otherwise!



In our opinion, mamas, we would skip the sushi.  There are technically ways to eat it safely, as long as you do your research, but you could still chance cross contamination in restaurants with other fish, so it’s just not worth the risk.