The Best Perks of Pregnancy

Odds are, thanks to pregnancy, you’ve gotten to know the inside of your toilet like the back of your hand (I’m looking at you, morning sickness), experienced feet so swollen you felt like an honorary Flintstone or went through a week’s worth of laundry in one day courtesy of excessive sweating. Don’t get us wrong, pregnancy is an incredible experience, but it’s during difficult moments like these where we realize mamas may need some reminding of the positives. Sure, pregnancy has its rough moments but it also offers some MAJOR perks worth recognizing and taking advantage of along the way.

Next Level Locks

Get ready to one-up Rapunzel and then some because being pregnant equals an amazing set of strands! During pregnancy, your hair isn’t growing any faster than it normally does — estrogen manages to keep existing strands well intact and looking healthier than ever. Yes, you read that correctly — hormones are actually working with you instead of against you for once. Enjoy the nine months of shampoo model worthy hair!

Treasure Your Chest

Your tummy isn’t the only part of your body expanding during pregnancy. One of the most anticipated bodily changes during pregnancy is bigger breasts. If you weren’t a fan of your chest for whatever particular reason beforehand, pregnancy offers you a nine-month opportunity to experience some serious cleavage. Oh, and your partner will be in for a pleasant surprise too!

Naps On Naps On Naps

When you’re pregnant, alarm clocks cease to be a relevant part of your routine. Mamas-to-be always have the green light to nap when and as long as they please. Being fatigued is a very common experience while pregnant —  your body is operating at full capacity to accommodate an additional tenant for the next nine months. Think of your unlimited nap-pass as a reward for growing another person inside of you. Be sure to catch up on sleep while you can because your post-pregnancy sleep schedule is likely to be all over the place.

Point The Finger At Hormones

During pregnancy, it’s inevitable that hormones will dictate a large portion of your emotions and decisions. If you happen to say or do something you normally wouldn’t, it’s common for many mass to get a free pass by blaming it on the hormones. Using hormones as an excuse is best used sparingly — like days you happen to know whatever just flew out of your mouth really “crossed the line.”

The Kindness Of Strangers

Waiting in line for the bathroom? Need a seat on a sweaty crowded bus? Don’t feel like opening that door? Someone’s got you covered. Being pregnant is especially great in the sense that it brings out the best in people. Keep an eye out for the belly-rubbing weirdos though — sometimes those ones get a little too nice.

Period Takes An Extended Vacay

Time to grab all those tampons, burn them and use them as confetti, because your period has been put on the back burner for at least the next nine months! Most don’t see their period for an additional three to six months post pregnancy and even longer than that if they are exclusively breastfeeding.

Bring Your Own Table (BYOT)

Surprise, your belly conveniently doubles as a table! Consider it a great pit stop for a remote, book, cup, plate or anything else small that comes to mind. The bump also makes a great surface for folding all of those new onesies. Talk about self-sufficient!

Having A Baby Inside Of You, Obviously!

Without a doubt, the best part of being pregnant is being pregnant. Sure, pregnancy can be brutal sometimes but at the end of it all you get to reap the benefits by holding the cutie you just grew for nine months in your arms.

What are some of your favorite perks you’ve come across while pregnant? Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!


Does pregnancy heal the body?

The physical experience of pregnancy varies for each individual. Pregnancy may not heal the body per se, but has been noted for positive physical effects. Among the possible physical benefits resulting from pregnancy are:
• Fewer or less intense menstrual cramps
• Decreased risk for certain cancers (also associated with breastfeeding)
• Boost of blood flow may lead to more satisfying sexual experience

What should I do if I’m pregnant?

The initial steps to take after learning you’re pregnant include researching and scheduling an appointment with a midwife or doctor. Eliminate any potential teratogens, such as cigarettes and alcohol, and look into healthy recipes, tailoring your meals to what pregnant women should and should not eat. Nutrition is key in the early stages of pregnancy and throughout, so begin taking a prenatal vitamin and ask questions of your healthcare provider for any additional steps.

Do periods get better after having a baby?

Periods may get better after having a baby, but others report no change or even heightened period symptoms. Breastfeeding can affect the physical experience of periods after having a baby.