The Breastfeeding Box: Your one-stop shop for newb-boob essentials

When you become a mom, everything changes – including your boobs. Suddenly, you need all kinds of things you never needed before + you feel all kinds of sensations you never felt before. We want to help moms when their milk comes in, especially if they’re new to the whole breastfeeding thing, which is why we curated the Breastfeeding Box

Here’s what you’ll find inside, plus why you need it and how to use it…

Feelin’ Fly as a Mother water bottle

If you thought your hydration obsession would end when the baby was born, you were mistaken. Hydration is super important for breastfeeding moms, too. Why? ‘Cos it takes a lot of water to make breast milk. So, when your body is doing all that extra work, it’s important that you quench your thirst + keep hydrated. The Feelin’ Fly as a Mother water bottle will help. It’s BPA-free, spill-proof, and holds 24 oz of water. Plus, it’s just freakin’ cute. There, we said it.

Itzy Ritzy infinity breastfeeding scarf

Honestly, we say breastfeed where you want, when you want, however you want. But one thing a lot of new moms crave is a little privacy when feeding their little ones. That’s where the Itzy Ritzy infinity breastfeeding scarf comes in. It’s lightweight, which means you can wear it pretty much year round, and when it’s time to breastfeed, it easily unwraps to offer some privacy as a nursing cover.

Bella B Nipple Nurture breast wipes

Nipples need a lotta love during breastfeeding, and these wipes from Bella B are designed to give them just that. They’re biodegradable, made with soothing aloe, and available in a convenient on-the-go pack for soothing comfort wherever you are. Just pull out a wipe and give your boobs some peace and calm. Even better? All of the ingredients are safe for you and baby, so you don’t have to worry about timing use around breastfeeding.

Eco Nursing organic bamboo breastfeeding pads

Nothing makes a new mom feel as sexy as when her boobs leak. Jk. It’s the worst. But these reusable bamboo breastfeeding pads are designed to keep your clothes dry no matter how much your boobs leak. They’re super soft, – which is important when your tatas are super sore – and you’ll get three sets so you can wash + wear at the same time.

Promise Mango Sucker Butter nipple cream

Sore nipples are pretty common when breastfeeding, but knowing other moms are suffering too doesn’t make it hurt any less. Promise’s nipple cream will. Formulated with nourishing and comforting olive oil, mango seed butter, sunflower seed oil, and other soothing, natural ingredients makes this a top choice for new moms. It’s also super versatile + baby safe, which means you can use it as a lip balm for you or even an all over butter for baby.

Our Lady of La Leche tea

Just about every breastfeeding mom worries about milk supply, and worry can make things worse. Thankfully, there are some powerful, traditional herbs that can boost milk supply, and you’ll find some of the best in this Birds and Bees tea – like nettle leaf, alfalfa leaf, marshmallow root, and fennel seed. Best of all? This tea is gluten-free, caffeine-free, and organic. So, drink up, Mama. 

Of course, there are tons of other products out there that can make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable, but if you plan on breastfeeding, the Breastfeeding Box is a great place to start! It’s packed with the essentials our Moms rave about. So treat yourself. Your tatas will thank you!