The second trimester essentials you’re going to need

Welcome to the second trimester! Affectionately known as the “honeymoon” trimester, this is when you can say goodbye to morning sickness and fatigue, and get ready for….baby kicks! You can also breathe a little easier about baby’s health, because much of the risk is behind you.

But as you gear up for the next three months, you may be wondering what you should pick up or stock up on. Well, we’ve got you covered! These are some of our fav second trimester essentials, and trust us, you’re going to want every. single. one.

1. A solid pregnancy book

Every new mom should have a fav pregnancy resource they use as their go-to for pregnancy questions. Whether you prefer funny, sentimental, or just real advice, there’s a book out there for you. Check out our roundup of some of the best pregnancy books – you’re sure to find somethin’ to love.

2. A belly band

As your bump begins to stretch and grow to accommodate that growing little one, it’s nice to have some extra support. That’s where a belly band comes in. A good belly band will grow with you, help evenly distribute the weight of your little one, and relieve back pain. One of our favs is the Motif Support Band.

3. Stretch mark cream

Now is when the skin on your belly needs extra love, too. A belly butter or stretch mark cream is the best way to keep those stretch marks at bay, as well as prevent stretching skin from getting itchy and painful.  We suggest using a thick cream, as it can be the easiest to apply and the most hydrating. Try this one from Glow Organics!

4. A baby name resource

You may have started thinking of names well before now, but if not, now is the perfect time to start tossing around ideas and discussing baby names. And with the right resources, it can be so much fun. Our mama’s recommend @thenamefairy on instagram for tons of inspo!

5. Stretchy leggings

Trust us on this one, good leggings are a pregnancy game changer. You won’t want to wear anything else for lounging, working, activity, etc. So before you invest in maternity jeans, find a good quality pair of leggings. They’ll last you the entire pregnancy, and chances are you’ll wanna wear them waaay more than jeans anyway. These ones from Spanx and these from Motherhood Maternity are our favorites.

6. A pregnancy pillow

Once you invest in a pregnancy pillow, you may never go back. Designed to fit your new shape, support your bump, and help relieve back pain, pregnancy pillows are a real lifesaver. You can adjust your pillow to fit any sleeping position, and use it to help keep your legs, bump, and back in place all night long. You’ll find a ton of options on Amazon – just search ‘pregnancy pillow.’

We hope these products help you enjoy pregnancy to the fullest throughout your second trimester. Enjoy every moment of baby kicks, talking to your little one, and watching that bump grow!