Things you can’t wait to do after pregnancy

Pregnancy is nothing short of miraculous. Your body goes about its business meeting all of your needs, all while carefully stitching together and growing an *actual* human. Mind. Blown.
But even if you’re basking in the wonder and awe of the journey, there’s another feeling you might be having – especially if you’re in the home stretch of pregnancy.

Yup, it’s the feeling of anticipation that soon, so soon, you’ll be able to indulge in some of the things you’ve had to nix during pregnancy. These are the things that fill your head when you’re having one of those ‘I just want my body to be MY body again’ days. The things you dream about when you’re tired of overthinking all your foods, moves + choices. The things you just can’t wait to do after pregnancy.

How many of these made your list?   

Sleep on your stomach again. Hip pain can make sleeping on your side a real pain, and with belly sleeping out of the question, you may be having a hard time sleeping – especially if you’ve always favored stomach sleep. If this is you, chances are when you finally do get comfortable enough to doze off, you’re dreaming of the day when you can sleep on your stomach again. It’s coming!

Eat forbidden foods. Spicy tuna rolls. Philly rolls. And all the wasabi and soy sauce the kitchen can manage. That’s what you think about anytime you’re asked what you want for dinner. And around lunchtime, all your tummy wants is subs, hoagies, and grinders with all the meat you can pile on. But alas, raw fish and deli meat can be risky during pregnancy, so you’ve denied your cravings for months now. Safe to say your dreams of delivery day don’t just include meeting your baby – they include re-introducing your mouth to a turkey sub and a bento box. Heaven.

Having control of your bladder. Just as soon as you stand up, you have to sit down and pee again. Sigh. It’s totally normal to pee a lot during pregnancy, not just because of increased fluids, but because of increased pressure on your bladder. Quite simply, your body’s running out of space so your bladder gets the squeeze. But the good news is that after pregnancy, you’ll have control of your bladder again – especially if you’re doing your pelvic floor exercises! Betcha can’t wait!

Regain balance. When did standing and keeping your balance become such a challenge? Yup, pregnancy is weird. But once you deliver your sweet baby, your center of gravity will slowly return to normal and putting on socks and shoes without falling won’t be such a hard task.

Paint your toenails (or simply touch) your own toes. Okay, so you can’t even see your toes at this point but you know they’re there and you know that whatever chipped polish is left on your nails is looking pretty bad. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to paint your own toes soon.

Pick up something you dropped without squatting. Remember bending? Yeah, you’ll be able to do that soon.

Relax in a hot tub. Super hot baths + hot tub soaks are a no-go during pregnancy. And while you won’t have much time for hot tub lounging with a newborn, you’ll theoretically be able to soak it up as soon 6-weeks postpartum!

Do Sunday brunch the right way. Is it really brunch if you didn’t have a mimosa or bloody mary? The answer is no. But after pregnancy, you’ll be able to indulge at brunch, as long as you time feedings just right or bottle feed!

Drink all of the coffee. MOAR COFFEE. Tall. Grande. Venti. If you’re not breastfeeding, how about all of the above?

Say goodbye to swollen hands and feet. You haven’t worn your rings in months and your feet look like sausages. Hang tight ‘cos shortly after birth, your hands and feet will be back to normal. Praise be!

Raise a glass. Dreaming of unwinding with a glass of wine or champagne? The day is coming!

Easily get out of bed without flailing. Getting out of bed while pregnant is like being a turtle stuck on its back. Ya could use a little help. Soon you’ll be back to bounding out of bed, promise!

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