Thoughts Moms Have as They Leave the Hospital

Congratulations, mama! You’ve had your baby and in an instant, your world has been changed forever. Leaving the hospital is a time for a million emotions: you can’t wait to get home but in the hospital you had so much help with the baby that you can’t really imagine doing this whole mom thing…alone. Chances are other moms have had the exact same thoughts you have! Here are the top 10 thoughts moms have as they leave the hospital.

I can’t wait to be in my own home again!

The thought of being back in the comfort of your home is so thrilling. You can eat real food again, sleep in your own bed and watch the shows you’ve got saved on the DVR. The baby’s going to settle in so nicely.

Wait, I need the hospital people for this.

But then the reality sets in that you won’t have the hospital people around checking on you and the baby in the middle of the night. Who’s going to help you with nursing and taking care of the baby and your recovery? Is it too late to turn the car around?

I’m forgetting something, I just know it.

Once you’re actually in the car, there’s this feeling that you’ve for sure forgotten a million things back in your hospital room. And the number of items in the hospital bag for the baby is insane. Leaving a blanket behind when you only have nine others to use would be a literal disaster. OMG, where is the going home outfit?

How does this car seat work, again?

You’ve practiced this so many times and it doesn’t seem to matter because you’ve forgotten everything you knew about how to get the car seat properly installed. Your mind literally went blank. Good thing you still have the hospital people. You do still have them, right?


I need to shower ASAP.

Childbirth is messy process with bodily fluids everywhere. There’s nothing like going home to clean yourself in the environment you’re used to. You might even forget to take a picture of leaving the hospital with the baby because all you can dream about is that hot water washing off the bodily fluids that you didn’t even know you had.

I can’t wait to see the baby in the nursery for the first time.

You think about the nursery and the cute little theme you picked out perfect for baby. He’s going to look so cute sleeping in there. But wait! Does the baby sleep in the nursery or with you? He can’t be alone in the nursery. He’s gotta sleep with us tonight. That’s best, right? Can we call the hospital team to confirm?

Okay, we’re here. Deep breaths. We can do this.

Babe, we’ve totally got this.

How did that whole swaddling thing go?

How exactly did the nurse get the baby wrapped so tightly he looked like a burrito? She was so fast at it. And the baby’s limbs weren’t squirming around at the time. You’re certain people have called the hospital about this before.

I have a baby, what do I do now?

Is he hungry? Does he need changed? Is there an owner’s manual for this? Should you show him around and give him a home tour? You could have people over. But wait, then they will know that you don’t know how to swaddle yet.

Will I ever get any sleep again?

It’s 3 am and you’ve slept an hour. The baby has already been up four times. What if the baby is up all night, forever? Please, please, please, I’ll do anything for sleep again.