Top 10 Fall Maternity Photo Ideas

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time in your life that should be highly documented. Believe it or not, you’re going to miss that bump! Even if you may not be feeling your best or most beautiful, we recommend getting maternity photos taken so that you can reminisce on the time you carried a miracle.

Besides, you’re a goddess and any photographer would be BEGGING to photograph you. 

So, let’s get into our Top 10 Fall Maternity Photos for 2022. 

1. A Beautiful Field for Fall 

Pregnant woman standing in field during golden hour holding her bump.

We are living for the natural, field photographs that are perfect for fall. Whether you choose a field with tall grass or a sunflower field, both create a striking background that pulls the entire photo together. The natural setting will compliment your natural beauty, Mama!

2. Mama Milk Bath

Pregnant Mama in a milk bath with flowers surrounding her bump.

Float in a milk bath with delicate flowers for a natural, relaxing photo shoot. Milk baths create a simple, yet stunning setting that will enhance the beauty of your bump! The milk bath photo is both trendy and timeless, plus it can be done even when the weather is not cooperating during those rainy months!

3. Glow in the Golden Hour 

Pregnant woman in a maroon dress, holding her bump in a field of trees posed for a fall maternity shoot.

The Golden Hour is a tried and true time to get maternity photos taken. The sun shining behind you and your partner will highlight the love that made your family possible. For solo shots, you’ll truly be glowing during the Golden Hour, Mama! 

4. Little Baby Shoes

Baby shoes on a tree stump in the foreground with a blurred out man and woman holding hands in the background.

Incorporating baby shoes will show just how little your baby is going to be! Add a touch of fall with baby moccasins, boots, or fall colors! We love this photo idea for fall and it’s also a great way for your partner to be involved! 

5. Furry Friends for Fall!

Overhead shot of a man and woman's shoes standing across from each other, with baby shoes and their dog looking up at the camera.

Letting your furry friends get involved in your fall maternity photos will add extra cuteness and make for a fun photoshoot! Add extra touches of fall with your outfit, the setting and background, and maybe a plaid bandana for your fur baby!

6. Fall Foliage

Fall maternity photo of a pregnant woman looking into the distance while standing under a fall colored tree.

We love a good fall palette with the changing leaves! Try incorporating shadows and other types of foliage to add a moodiness to your photos!

7. Props + Perspective

Letter board that reads "Little Pumpkin Coming Soon" surrounded by a baby hat, shoes, bear, sonogram, and pumpkins.

Adding a fun or unique prop can help spice up your maternity photos or announcements! You can use a sonogram, baby shoes, or even a letter board in the foreground to show how special your little one is! 

8. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Pregnant woman smiling and walking on a boardwalk in a black dress, with the sunset behind her.

Don’t be afraid of wearing a black dress or dark colors! We know that lighter clothing is really popular for maternity photos, but there’s something about a dark dress for moody fall pictures that has our heart! 

9. Silhouette

Silhouette of a pregnant woman with a sunset over the city skyline in the background.

A silhouette picture is the perfect way to show off that bump, Mama! Bring the fall vibes by standing in a field or in front of trees with falling leaves!

10. Backdrop with Water or Take a Dip

Man and pregnant woman sitting on a deck together with a lake and mountains behind them.

A natural setting will make your photos look timeless, and if you’re feeling brave, take a dip in a lake or pond! Immersing yourself in water in a natural setting will make for a memorable experience and even better photographs. 

Go book your maternity shoot! 

We hope that you’re ready to put your own spin on each of these photo ideas for a fall maternity shoot! Get ready to take a million gorgeous photos that you can look back on, Mama. You deserve to be photographed and show everyone that you’re growing a miracle! 

You’re beautiful and so is that bump of yours!