Week 5: Pregnancy Hormones Are Kicking in!

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived: hCG levels are high enough that a pregnancy test will finally show a positive result! Another big moment for week 5 is that your embryo will now start to look like a fetus. Eeek! Here’s what you can expect of pregnancy and your baby during week 5.

Pregnancy Week 5: Creating a Baby From Scratch

If you’re tracking the size of your baby through well-known metaphors, week 5 is when your little babe-to-be resembles an orange seed. And although it may be weird to consider, your unborn baby at this stage does resemble a tadpole with a rudimentary head and a tail. We know what you’re thinking, ‘my baby looks like a tadpole?’ Don’t worry, it’s only temporary.

Let this thought sink in for a moment: you’re creating a baby completely from scratch. All of the major and minor bodily systems, including digestive, circulatory, nervous as well as organs (heart, lungs, stomach) take the full nine months to grow. The first working system is the circulatory system, or blood along with the heart. You know what that means? By week 5, you may be able to see the baby’s heartbeat. Be still our hearts! (Had to, #sorrynotsorry)

Body Changes to Expect for Week 5

One of the most obvious signs you may be pregnant is missing a period. If you haven’t already confirmed your pregnancy through an at-home test, week 5 is the time you’ll most certainly get the good news. You’re going to be a mom! Throughout the nine months you’ll waver between sheer joy and sheer terror and it’s totes normal. Other early pregnancy signs that may hit you include exhaustion, tender breasts, bouts of nausea and scents that turn your stomach.

Large quantities of hormones — chemical signals that circulate in your body and prepare it for massive changes — are kicking in this week. Estrogen works to keep progesterone and hCG levels increased that help keep the baby nourished until the placenta takes over at 10 weeks. Pregnancy hormones are a full mood so just be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions. Because of the high that comes with finding out you’re pregnant you may be tempted to tell everyone and shout the happy news from the rooftops. It’s your secret until you’re ready to share, but know that some couples choose to wait until after the third month, when the risk of miscarriage greatly decreases.

Pregnancy Symptoms to Watch For

Welcome to the wacky world of food cravings and aversions. You can thank the pregnancy hormones. If you suddenly find yourself with an overwhelming urge for pizza but can’t stand the sight of salmon, chances are you’re suffering from the good ol’ pregnancy cravings. It can be especially intense the first few weeks of pregnancy when your body is not yet used to the changes in hormones.

During the first trimester, you may feel exhausted 24/7 and suffer from a severe lack of energy. This is also when you’re creating the actual foundation of your baby’s body which is hard work. All of this can leave you feeling completely wiped out. But relief is in sight! By the end of your first trimester your body is finished creating the placenta which could give you a burst of renewed energy. Until then, rest, rest, rest. You have an important job to do, mama!

Aside from nausea, another odd symptom to watch for during week 5 is excessive saliva. You may find your mouth watering suddenly for no reason at all. Are you the lucky woman experiencing this? It’s a double whammy with nausea and a constant drool. Try sugarless gum to counter the week 5 pregnancy effects.  

Week 5 To-Do List

By week 5, there’s another no-no to scratch from your everyday tasks: avoid cleaning a litter box. According to experts, it can cause an infection called toxoplasmosis, which can harm unborn babies. If you know what your off-limits foods are, it’s time to refrain from those as well. If you’re struggling with meat proteins, try cottage cheese, yogurt, beans or soy products, leafy greens or quinoa. Now is the time for a visit to the dentist so have your teeth cleaned. Studies show about 40 percent of expecting moms have periodontal disease, which can increase the risk for preeclampsia. Skip the X-rays though for after the baby! Low impact exercise can help with the nausea but pay close attention to how you feel. If you’re suddenly suffering from gas and bloating, opt for healthy substitutions that don’t bring on the bloat. Pass on sparkling water and choose plain to keep tummy bubbles at bay.

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