What If You Don’t Love Pregnancy?

There’s a lot of talk about pregnancy and the glowing, baby kicks, and general delight at carrying a tiny human inside of you. But what is often less talked about is that some women really just…don’t love pregnancy. For some expecting moms, they have to endure the nine months instead of enjoy them, and that’s okay.

If you don’t love pregnancy, you don’t have to feel guilty.  Some women experience morning sickness that lasts all day and much longer than the first trimester. Some women don’t like feeling swollen, some no longer recognize their body, and some just don’t love all the changes. Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling down about the next nine months, you’re not alone. And while holding your little bundle will make the whole experience worth it, here are a few ideas to help you cope with the months ahead of you if you don’t love pregnancy.


Talk to Someone

Whether it’s your partner or another trusted family member or friend, open up and talk to them about how you’ve been feeling. You might feel a weight lifted by not carrying the burden on your own, and you can stop having conversations pretending you’re loving the experience. A support system is the most important thing you can do for yourself during pregnancy.

Be Honest

If you can’t fake joy over growing a tiny human, try being honest the next time someone asks how you are. Something like, “It’s not the best I’ve ever felt, but how are things in your life?” can steer the conversation in a more neutral direction, while also letting friends know it’s not the most joyous thing for you to discuss.

Focus on the Outcome

Instead of focusing on how much time is left, try focusing on the joy you’ll experience once you’re holding your new bundle of joy. Women who don’t love pregnancy can still be excited for their little one and adjusting your sights on that can help change your attitude to a more positive outlook!

Bond with the Baby in the Bump

Despite the symptoms and rocky experience you might be having, you still have a sweet little one growing inside you. Try reading to your bump, calling the baby by the name you’ve chosen and speaking to your little one throughout your pregnancy. You might find that a stronger connection with the baby helps to make pregnancy more enjoyable.

Don’t Guilt Yourself

You don’t have to love every part of the next nine months to be a good mom. In fact, how you feel about the pregnancy really has nothing to do with loving your child and doing your best as a parent. At the end of the day whether you do or don’t love pregnancy, your little one will make everything worth it. Keep going, mama!