What in the World is Lightning Crotch?!

There are a lot of changes that happen to a woman’s body throughout pregnancy, but one of the most fascinating pregnancy phenomenons has to be lightning crotch. Yes, you read that right – lightning crotch. A condition that many women experience throughout pregnancy, lightning crotch is essentially exactly what it sounds like. It is a very sudden and sharp pain deep in your pelvis or vaginal area that can sometimes feel like your little one has actually punched you! Don’t worry, we’ve got the scoop on this weird sensation.

What Causes Lightning Crotch?

There is no single, definitive cause of lightning crotch, but there are a few things that might trigger the sharp pang.

Baby’s movement. If your little one stretches or switches positions, it could put pressure on your nerves down there and cause the temporary, but sharp, discomfort.

Nerve pain. Did you know that the majority of the nerves in your uterus are right by the pelvis? Even the smallest amount of pressure placed on those nerves can cause discomfort, which is another reason why baby’s movements can really affect the area.

Dropping. It can also be caused by your little one dropping into the pelvic area in preparation for delivery. Small price to pay for baby’s arrival, we think!

Magnesium deficiency. A lack of magnesium is known to cause terrible leg cramps during pregnancy, but it can also cause the occasional lightning crotch.

Varicose veins. Varicose veins tend to pop up in your labia and vagina during pregnancy. The stretching, pulling and added weight can all cause those veins to then become inflamed and sensitive, which can cause that pain. These veins typically shrink and fade after delivery, so just hang tight!

Ouch! How Can You Ease It?

Thankfully, if you’re suffering from lightning crotch, there are a number of ways you can ease the pain and even prevent it from continuing.

Compression wear. Maternity compression offers support throughout pregnancy. It can hold everything in and help prevent blood from pooling in your vagina and lower extremities, helping keep those varicose veins from getting angry!

Stretching. Light stretching can be very beneficial throughout pregnancy (like reduce your risks of preeclampsia!), and this is no exception. Stretching can get your blood moving the way it should, as well as help prepare you for labor. It might even nudge your little one back to a position that doesn’t pinch anything.

Light exercise. Similar to stretching, light exercise such as walking will keep things moving and feeling as it should. Try having a walk each morning and evening after dinner.

Magnesium. Magnesium supplements help with a great deal of pregnancy symptoms. Make sure your prenatal vitamin offers plenty of magnesium, or add an additional supplement on top of it.

Chiropractic adjustments. If you believe your lightning crotch is due to pinched nerves or other nerve pain, a chiropractic adjustment can help get things aligned correctly again. Make sure you speak to your healthcare provider first..

While lightning crotch can sound scary and painful, remember that it’s only temporary. Giving your pregnancy belly the support it needs, getting some light exercise, staying hydrated and listening to your body are all the best ways to feel your healthiest the whole nine months!

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