What We’re Reading at Bump Boxes HQ

Happy Monday, mamas!  Throughout the week, the mamas here at Bump Boxes love staying up to date with all the latest pregnancy news, thoughts, and advice, and love sharing it around the office!  And we thought what better way to put that habit to use, than by sharing it with you?  Stay tuned each Monday for What We’re Reading at Bump Boxes HQ!



1.) Insider: “11 Surprising Signs You Might Be Pregnant”

“Morning sickness, a missed period, mood swings — these are all classic signs that you might be expecting a baby. But any woman who’s ever been pregnant can tell you that these aren’t the only symptoms, even in the earliest stages of pregnancy. And surprisingly enough, a lot of these signs aren’t exactly something you’d connect to being pregnant.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


2.) MindBodyGreen: “5 Ways Breathwork Can Support a Mindful Pregnancy”

“The breath is the foundation of every mindfulness practice, and it is also the foundation of life. Establishing a relationship with your breath, especially while pregnant, will have lasting effects for you and the child you are bringing into the world.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


3.) Romper: “What to Eat to Reduce Swelling During Pregnancy, Because You Really Miss Your Ankles”

“There was a period of my pregnancy where I felt more like a swollen balloon than a pregnant woman.  At that point, I’d have done anything to ease the swelling, but admittedly, I didn’t think much about how nutrition would affect it. Finding out what to eat to reduce swelling during pregnancy should’ve been a natural place to start, but we often neglect food as a remedy in our society.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


4.) Brit + Co: “5 Ways to Keep Stress in Check During Your Pregnancy”

“Not that you need another thing to worry about during these nine months, but new research published in the journal Biological Psychiatry states that high levels of stress during pregnancy can negatively affect your child (especially girls), potentially causing anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders in children from as early as age two. However, there are ways you can cope with all the anxieties of being an expectant mother and prevent them from being inherited by your future child.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


5.) Reader’s Digest: “15 Royal Rules Meghan Markle Will Have to Follow When She’s Pregnant”

“Is Meghan Markle already pregnant with Prince Harry’s child? Are they even trying? While royal-watchers and bookies dissect the odds, we’ll focus on what we know for certain, which is that if and when the Duchess of Sussex becomes pregnant, she’ll have to quickly get on board with these rules for royal pregnancies.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook