What We’re Reading at Bump Boxes HQ

Happy Monday, mamas!  Throughout the week, the mamas here at Bump Boxes love staying up to date with all the latest pregnancy news, thoughts, and advice, and love sharing it around the office!  And we thought what better way to put that habit to use, than by sharing it with you?  Stay tuned each Monday for What We’re Reading at Bump Boxes HQ!


1.) Romper: “Actually, I Loved Being Pregnant, and That’s Not Just Some BS”

“Every pregnancy is different, to be sure, and not just every pregnancy for every woman but every pregnancy a single woman experiences. My first was hell, for example, and I couldn’t wait for those 40 weeks, more or less, to be over. But something changed between the day I had my daughter and the day I found out I was pregnant with my son; a change that altered how I felt about pregnancy in general.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


2.) Clinical Advisor: “Optimizing Pregnancy Outcomes with Micronutrients”

“Micronutrients are an often-overlooked consideration in primary care. Family practitioners caring for women of childbearing age must consider the effects of these essential nutrients on health and pregnancy outcomes. Healthy levels of folic acid, iodine, magnesium, vitamin D, and iron can demonstrate improved outcomes in pregnancy.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


3.) Health: “Do Your Pregnancy Cravings Actually Mean Anything?”

“A small robot controls my need for Chinese food one minute, Italian the next, and an entire jar of Kalamata olives on demand. I have a fairly positive relationship with food, but found myself curious about the wild feelings and cravings we have during pregnancy, and whether they signify anything on a nutritional level. I spoke to Jennifer McGurk, a registered dietician and certified eating disorder specialist who aligns herself with the intuitive eating movement.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


4.) The Cut: “Meghan Markle Is Opening Up About Her Pregnancy on the Royal Tour”

“Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may already be planning where they want to raise their future children, but in the current moment, the Duchess of Sussex is simply trying to push through her pregnancy side effects. Sky News reports during her royal tour in Australia, Markle opened up to a local about what her body is going through, saying that being pregnant ‘like having jet lag.'”  Read More Share on Facebook


5.) Marie Claire: “The 12 Beauty Products that Got Me Through Pregnancy”

“After much research and hormone-fuelled angst, this is the regimen I decided on. My mission: to avoid parabens, phthalates (thought to mess with your hormones) and synthetic fragrances where possible in favour of safe natural alternatives, as well as steering well clear of anything clinically proven to be hazardous in pregnancy (think actives like retinol and salicylic acid). Of course, you should always clear everything with your doctor before you use it.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook