What We’re Reading at Bump Boxes HQ

Happy Monday, mamas!  Throughout the week, the mamas here at Bump Boxes love staying up to date with all the latest pregnancy news, thoughts, and advice, and love sharing it around the office!  And we thought what better way to put that habit to use, than by sharing it with you?  Stay tuned each Monday for What We’re Reading at Bump Boxes HQ!


1. Brit + Co: “9 Hacks to Make Your Pregnancy Easier”

“Your hair is shampoo-commercial thick and shiny, your cheeks have a natural rosy hue, and you… um… you have oddly persistent acid reflux, feet that are swollen two times their normal size, and all-day morning sickness. But in a few short months, you’ll have the most beautiful baby. And if your preggo life isn’t 100 percent perfect right now, we have the hacks that will make all three trimesters that much easier. You totally have this pregnancy thing covered.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


2. Medical News Today: “What Helps With Insomnia During Early Pregnancy?”

“Insomnia during early pregnancy is usually due to factors such as hormonal changes. Many people experience insomnia at some point, during pregnancy. Better sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques, and cognitive behavioral therapy can help.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


3. CNN Business: “How to Tell Your Boss You’re Pregnant”

“It’s one of the more uncomfortable conversations you’ll ever have in the workplace: telling your boss you’re pregnant. There are no rules for how it should happen, and yet there are lots of unofficial rules about how it should happen, with plenty of contradictory advice from family, friends and coworkers.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


4. Vulture: “Okay, Amy Schumer’s Pregnancy Announcement Was Very Good”

“Schumer first posted a photo of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, with the faces of her and her husband hastily Photoshopped on top of their shoulders, and directed her followers to check out author and journalist Jessica Yellin’s Instagram feed for more details.”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook


5. Huffington Post: “Hilarious Video Captures How Pregnancy REALLY Makes Women Feel”

“A comedy group is highlighting one unexpected side effect of pregnancy in a funny new video.  In ‘MaterniDbag’, pregnant actresses Maribeth Monroe, Kate Mines and Katie Nahnsen show how being pregnant can make a woman feel ‘like a man.'”  Read More  |  Share on Facebook