What Wives’ Tales Say About Having a Boy or Girl

Although there’s no scientific proof to old wives’ tales, it sure is fun to speculate about your baby’s gender. Whether you plan to wait until the birth, or you have a gender reveal party planned, trying to guess the baby’s gender is an amusing way to pass the time. These sayings and adages have been passed down through generations of people all trying to guess the same thing: boy or girl? Here are what the wives’ tales say about having a boy or girl.

Craving all the things

Are your cravings sweet or salty? If you’re craving all the pastries, chocolate and cookies in the world, it’s a sign you’re having a girl. If salty is more of your cravings jam, then you might be having a boy. If you’re craving all the things 24/7, that just means you’re pregnant (Surprise!).

Fending off the vampires

Guess your baby’s sex by what happens after you eat garlic. It’s said that if you’re able to eat a ton of garlic without having the smell seep from your pores, you’re having a girl. If your partner can smell you (and the garlic!) a mile away, it’s a boy.

Morning sickness intensity

Is your morning sickness extreme? While most moms (boy or girl) tend to have morning sickness, it’s said that if you suffer from excessive nausea you could be having a girl.

Pregnancy glow or nah?

Do you have the pregnancy glow? Is your complexion bright and your hair glossy? You could be having a boy. If the pregnancy glow has been replaced by multiple breakouts, you might just be carrying a little girl.

Sympathy weight gain

This wives’ tale says that if your partner is gaining sympathy weight alongside your pregnancy, you’re expecting a girl. If your partner’s waistline remains the same, it could be a boy. Conversely for you, if your face is fuller, you’re carrying a girl. If you’re carrying the weight only in the front, it’s a boy. If the weight is spread out across your middle, legend says it’s a girl.  

Emotion sweet emotion

Pregnancy hormones aside, how is your mood in general? Are you more moody or mellow? If you notice feeling more moody, you might be having a girl. If you’re cool, calm and collected, a boy may be on the way.

Look me in the eyes

Next time you’re standing in front of the mirror, gaze at your reflection for about one minute. Are your pupils dilating? You’re having a boy.

High vs. low

Are you carrying the baby high? According to pregnancy lore, this means you’re having a girl. If the baby is situated more low, then it’s time for bats and baseballs.

Swing the pendulum

Tie a ring onto a string and then hang it over your belly. If the string swings in a circular direction, you could be having a girl. Is it swinging side by side? That means you’re having a little boy instead.

Graceful or clumsy

Are you gliding through your days without any problems? The wives’ tales say you’re having a girl. If, on the other hand, you’re as clumsy as a bull in a China shop, it could mean you’re carrying a boy.

Beats per minute

During your next ultrasound, notice your baby’s heart rate. Is it beating fast or slow? If your baby’s beats per minute exceed 140, you’re having a little girl.

Show me your hands

If a friend asks you to “show me your hands,” which way do you present them? Are they palm up or down? If your palms are up, it’s a girl. If they face down, it’s a boy.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

Some things can be chalked up to just plain weird pregnancy symptoms. But dream meanings can indicate whether you’re having a boy or girl, but not in the way you’d predict. If you dream repeatedly about having a girl, you’re carrying a boy. And vice versa.

Sleep patterns

Pay close attention to the way you sleep. Do you prefer sleeping on your right side? You’re pregnant with a girl. If you prefer the left side, get ready for a boy.

Guessing the sex of your baby with old wives’ tale is not based on any scientific research but all in good fun. If you’re planning a gender reveal party, these can be a fun way to get everyone in on the act of predicting he or she!