What’s The Buzz About Drinking While Pregnant?

It’s been a long day, mom! Time to take off your jacket, kick off your shoes, and relax. Take a seat, put your feet up, play some tunes… hmm… the couch is really comfy, and this music is nice… whats missing?

Oh right! Remember when you used to drink?

Drinking While Pregnant…What’s the Story?

You’ve been hearing it for a while. Most people are going to tell you that drinking while pregnant is an absolute no-go. On the other hand, if you do a quick google search, you’ll find that the online community is a little divided. Some say total abstinence while pregnant, while some new studies suggest that light to moderate drinking while pregnant could be okay for your baby. In this article we are going to explore……..

Well, no we won’t.

Sorry, but it’s time to be blunt. Alcohol is something that should be avoided – drinking while pregnant is not a good plan. There’s no scientifically proven point at which alcohol starts to affect a growing baby – that’s basically where all of the debate comes in. Just because science hasn’t managed to pin down exactly if its okay or not to have some drinks doesn’t mean they won’t affect your baby in some way! Babies exposed to alcohol in the womb are at risk of developing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, serious birth defects, being born too soon, and even having language and speech problems. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but it’s simply not worth the risk.

Now will one glass of wine cause all of these awful problems? No. But here’s the thing: there’s no way to tell exactly what is developing and growing at what time. So even though it could be fine to have a drink every now and again, if you can prevent the possibility of alcohol-related problems you might as well.