C-Sections: 5 Things No One Ever Tells You

So the time has come, and your little one is on their way!  You have your bags packed, a birth plan in place, you are set.  But what if you’re having a C-Section?  While it’s not often talked about, did you know that more than 30% of all births in the U.S. are by C-Section?  We’re sure you’ve heard some general things to expect, but we’re going to get real today, mamas.  We’re here to fill you in on the top 5 things no one ever tells you about C-Sections!

Despite being numbed, you’ll likely still feel some tugging and stretching.  

This is a big one, mamas!  A lot of women go into their C-Section assuming that being numbed means they won’t feel anything, and then when they do, think there’s something wrong with the anaesthetic!  You may have an anaesthesiologist next to you to answer your questions, but if not, do not fret the small sensations.  It’s totally normal!

You will still bleed.  

A lot of mamas go into their C-Sections thinking they’re going to skip this major part of giving birth.  Unfortunately, you won’t get that lucky, mama.  It will be lighter than if you had delivered vaginally, but remember that your uterine wall has to heal and shed that thick lining.  Make sure you have pads on hand!


You’ll need to get up AS SOON as you’re allowed….with help.  

Your ab muscles have taken a pretty serious attack, and as a result, your core is pretty much done for.  You’ll need some help getting in and out of bed for a while.  But trust us, you’ll want to do that exact thing ASAP.  Your recovery will come a lot sooner and go much smoother if you do. Just remember to go easy on yourself–you just birthed a human!  Slow and steady, mama.


Stool softeners are a girl’s best friend.  

It’s gross, mama, but so, so true.  With your stomach muscles pretty much done for, your first bathroom trip will be a real pain.  Literally.  Just trust us, and stock up on the softeners, and hope for the best.  It gets better!


You’re going to have a scar.  

We know, you know.  But we’re saying it anyway, because many mamas are surprised that no one tells them how obviously visible it will be.  But don’t freak out–it will flatten and it will fade.  And you will love your battle scar for what it is!  Just know that you will be able to see it very well post-surgery.


There’s a lot that goes into birth, whether it’s vaginal or by C-section.  But no matter how they are delivered, trust us that it will be the best thing to ever happen to you, and one of the best days of your life.  Now get ready to do some baby snuggling!