First Ultrasound Appointment: What to Expect

So you’ve seen that positive pregnancy test (or 1,200 of them!), think you’re feeling the morning sickness coming on and have started to imagine your life pregnant and with baby. As you near your eight-week mark, there’s something you can really look forward to–your first ultrasound appointment! This appointment is the most exciting ultrasound appointment and one your partner won’t want to miss. We’re breaking down the top things you can expect from your first ultrasound appointment!


Validation can be the biggest thing a mom is looking for out of her first ultrasound appointment. Despite taking a hundred pregnancy tests, it can be hard to believe it’s finally happening. Thankfully, your first ultrasound appointment can ease that anxiety for you. Hearing the doctor say, “You’re pregnant!” will be one of the best things to ever happen to you.

Transvaginal Ultrasound

I’m sure you’ve seen it in all the movies–the doctor runs the wand over your still-small belly and voila! Instant baby, heartbeat and picture! In real life that’s not the case. At this stage in your pregnancy, it’s still far too early to see anything without a transvaginal ultrasound. While this may be a surprise to you, know that this is a painless process. A wand will simply be inserted in you so the doctor can look at your uterus, tubes and–yep, you guessed it–your baby! This will help your doctor confirm your little one’s existence and the health of both of you.

Number of Babies

That’s right, this appointment will tell you how many sweet little ones you’re growing. This may also come as a shock, considering we’re sure you planned and expected one little miracle. Have no fear, if the idea of multiple little ones stresses you out, we’ve got our best tips on how to prepare here!  

Due Date

This is another great perk of your first ultrasound. You may have a general idea of when your due date is, but it’s such a nice feeling to have a finish line to your pregnancy and when you’ll meet your little one. Let the countdown begin!

The Heartbeat

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat will very quickly become your favorite part of ultrasound appointments. This will also be the calming factor at each stage in your pregnancy–knowing baby is alive and well is always a great relief. Cherish this time, your baby will be here sooner than you think.

The First Photograph

And finally the moment you’ve been waiting for–the printout of your sweet little one. Stick it to your fridge or place it in a frame. Just cherish this first sweet memory of your little jellybean baby! It will definitely be a memento you’ll hang onto forever.

The first ultrasound appointment is really a bunch of firsts rolled up into one. But as you’ll see from the above, there’s nothing to be nervous about.  Now is the time when your baby will become real to you and the bonding begins. Here’s to the rest of your pregnancy, mama!  

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